3. Bonus construction in bridge construction

  1. Bonus crisis in bridge construction: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's last month on the third Bosphorus Bridge ceremony, the promise of "3 thousand lira bonuses, wedding for those who want to get married" caused a crisis.

2 700 employee 150 employee stating that the promises were not promised, the 07.00 employee was not dismissed, and XNUMX employee started to wait at the entrance of the construction site this morning at XNUMX. Waiting at the entrance of the workers who say they will wait until they receive their bonuses.

Due to the tension in the region, the gendarmerie took security measures. Workers began to wait in the green area by the road. TOMA was brought to the scene for workers who did not do the job. In the meantime, the elected representatives went to the site of the construction site to discuss. Hacı Beldağlı, one of the workers who made a statement to the press, said:

“When I come to the bridge opening with our President, I am one of the one to speak. President, let's name this business to the 'Contractor'. He said to everyone 'three thousand liras'. When we say those who are laid off before the bridge is over, 'Those who are laid off will be paid immediately, and those who are not laid out before Ramadan. My word, my word. He said, "Let this be your charity." (To İbrahim Çeçen) None of the promises made were fulfilled. Our friends who were laid off were treated as dogs. They also call for protection to kick it out. As if we are collecting charity here. We want our promised right. ”

Another worker said, “The job here is almost over. Every day, about 10 people are exited. One of the layoffs is my brother. It was released yesterday but no bonus is given. They are about to hang people over. İbrahim Çeçen, the owner of İCA, along with our president, said, “Equally to all of you. "We will give three thousand lira bonuses," he said. He spoke in the form.


Some other workers say, “Now, the authorities, we divide 3 thousand TL by the total working time 36. It costs 83 TL per month. We pay according to the months worked, they say. About 1.500 people work here. Since promised, 700 people have been exited. 700 thousand TL money was not paid to anyone out of 3 people. ”



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