Did ferry, metro and metrobus services cancel on May 1?

Should the ferry, metro and metrobus services be canceled on May 1: As May 1 approaches, the most curious issues of everyone are the roads to be closed to traffic in Istanbul and where the May 1 celebrations will take place.

Will it be celebrated on May 1? Where will May 1 be celebrated in Istanbul? Are Metro, Metrobus, Ferry services canceled? Roads to be closed to traffic on May 1? Among the issues that citizens are curious about. Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin talked about the measures they took for the celebrations to be held in Istanbul on May 1 at a press conference. Governor Vasip Şahin stated that the May 1 celebrations to be held in Istanbul Bakırköy public market regarding the May 1 celebrations will take place in a festive atmosphere and that this is the day of solidarity of the workers and laborers and said, "We will take all the precautions just in case." Continuing his words, Şahin said, “Here, the safety of life and property of both the people participating in the May Day celebrations is our top priority, and we will take all the precautions we can for this. "The surroundings of the celebration area and the entrance and exit routes are places where we will take measures."

Regarding transportation, Governor Şahin said, “The necessary coordination has been provided with the transportation units for our citizens to reach the rally route. We will do our best so that everyone can reach here comfortably ”.

Upon a question asked, Governor Şahin said that he could not make an explanation about whether the ferry, metro and metrobus services will be canceled on May 1, and that he will inform about the issue tomorrow. Saying, "But we will do our best not to disgrace our citizens," Şahin added that some roads in Istanbul will be closed to traffic and that Istanbul residents should understand this.

Stating that union representatives will be allowed to leave carnations in Taksim Square, but marginal groups will not be allowed to hold demonstrations, Şahin said that while there were two areas to hold rallies in Istanbul, this was increased to eight. Şahin emphasized that everyone should obey the rules and stated that the rules are for people's peace and security.

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