Palu district wants level crossing

Palu district wants a level crossing in the district: Elazığ Palu district of the railway because of the separation of two neighborhoods want a leveled level crossing.
In Palu, on the railway that separates the Bazaar and the New Neighborhood, a petition has been launched for residents to perform a controlled level crossing by the residents.
Due to the troubles experienced, two district headmen came together and launched a signature campaign.
Noting that residents have supported the signature campaign, he said, belir The nearest level crossing to our neighborhood is 2 kilometers away. This 4 mileage is going to and from the bazaar. If the level crossing is done, this distance will fall to 500 meters. There was a fatal accident at the crossroads, which was previously used as a fugitive at this point, and the parade was then closed by the municipality. . Students going to school use it here. They want a controlled level crossing to be provided to our neighborhood in order not to experience such events. Bu
The district mayor, deputies and the regional directorate of railroads, who signed three copies of the signatures indicating that they will hand over the neighborhood, the authorities want to hand out the problems as soon as possible.



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