VAKO Company Commissioned the Chassis Robotic Welding System

vacuum weld
vacuum weld

📩 18/02/2021 21:13

Founded in 2007 to serve our Country and European Railways, VAKO company has made great strides since its establishment.

During this period, various railway logistic companies, 600 pieces of various types of UIC wagons are manufactured by making the company's wagons are working on the TCDD lines without any problems.

VAKO Technology also avoids any sacrifice in its follow-up. In this context, by using its own resources, it has completed its investment in order to make all types of wagon chassis on gas-fired robot welding machines and by completing all kinds of training and test studies, 1 has been commissioned as of March 2016.
The new contract was signed with İNTECRO, which established the system, and the bogies will be made by robot welding in the shortest time. The installed system 12-20 meter is suitable for welding in chassis lengths and has the capacity to weld 3 chassis daily.

In addition, the company completed the necessary works on the maintenance function of the company and obtained the ECM certificate and was published on the Firm's Eradis website.

The TSI certification works will be completed at the end of March 2016 and all subsequent productions will continue under TSI.

With this kind of investments, VAKO company serves the railway world and is a source of pride for our country.


  1. Once not serve the Turkey and the European railways 4 brother 5 they could not boil even bi 9 wagon with this robot bench his firm was engaged to fill the rumen of hungry wolves joint total 1 because distressed çalışıyor😀yarı is that robots semi-manually done Recep make much regret the fact that he started wagon leaving the body work 3 can not do to raise workers for years, but if they do not want to make a retrograde back then they will not be withdrawn at this time because they no longer even deal with their workers.

  2. sn beypazarlı, the above article is extremely ugly and unwarranted .. Successful work and technology to place a factory that places such importance is not pleasant hick. Business places sometimes develops but then produces a multi-faceted contribution to the country also produces business. Provides employment. I find this workplace successful. (mahmut demirkolllllU)

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