Uzungöl cable car project obstacle on the obstacle

Uzungol ropeway project obstacle on the obstacle: Tourism development aiming to Trabzon, tourism, no concrete steps to take, while the story of the snake, which has been made for two years returned to the Uzungöl ropeway is still troublesome. In the project, where new procedures were continuously taken, geological survey reports were requested for underneath the posts between previously unwanted stations.

The businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu, the producer of the ropeway project, said that they were still waiting for the approval of the project and said, hâlâ Let's take the foundation in March or April, and we wanted to start. They have now released new geological survey reports. They didn't ask for geological surveys before the intermediate poles. Now they wanted geological study reports for the intermediate poles. They wanted the complete line of 3 bin 550 meters of the whole line to report the complete geological survey. We changed it. Now they want the geological reports of the feet that touch the ground. So we've got the stakes on Saturday, now geologists work. Our 3 month has disappeared. Our Minister Mr. Faruk Özak also helped us. We will go to Ankara next to Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Ceylan and talk about this project with him. If at least they let us start the construction of the stations, we can save time if others allow them. We want to finish this project in 6 months. Biz

Stating that the station's geological reports are out, Fettahoğlu said, ı Now there are 4 units between the stations. They want their reports. Geological reports take a long time. We're dealing with. In this year, I am sure that the digging is hit. However we wanted to turn the 2 station into service in the fall. 3. We wanted to train the station next season. This was not possible because they have received our continuous time. Dık

Arab tourists, especially one of Turkey's most important tourism centers in a process that directed the Army to the cable car also demonstrates the future of tourism not implemented a project partly Uzungöl'de since 2 years. Fettahoğlu stated that the procedures still could not be completed, and that the 3 bin 540 meter cable car line between Haldizen Creek and Sarıkaya Hill is composed of 3 station.

Fettahoğlu, Turkey's one of the most important tourism centers Haldizen creek in which Uzungol Sarikaya Tepe is included in the tender for 3 thousand 540-meter cable car line stating that any transaction is completed project, he said he expects moment of Environment and the approval of the Ministry of Urbanism. The first investment cost of the project is 50 million pounds, Fettahoğlu said, ası Next to the departure station, Meşebaşı (Pladi Mezrası) will be the second station and the third station will be in the Sarıkaya Plateau.

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