UTİKAD Visits Asyaport

UTİKAD Visited Asyaport: International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association UTİKAD held its board meeting in March at Asyaport. The UTIKAD Delegation was welcomed by Asyaport officials and had the chance to see Asyaport Port before the meeting.
UTIKAD Executive Board Chairman Turgut Erkeskin; Asiaport Port, both in Turkey's foreign trade indicate that a significant investment in transit trade via Turkey.
320 was built on an area of ​​one thousand square meters in Barbarossa, Turkey. Members of the Board of Directors of UTİKAD, who met with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asyaport Port Ahmet Soyuer and port managers, received information about the activities of the port. Medlog and MSC companies were also present during the visit.
The UTIKAD's produced by the members on the 400 $ 5 billion in turnover and in addition to the direct employment of over fifty thousand that roof civil society organizations in the logistics industry to force Turkey received the 30-year history that emphasizes UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin; “When we look at the member structure of UTIKAD, we see that it includes all companies that contribute to the development of the logistics sector with all transportation modes. We are a structure that covers a wide spectrum in the logistics sector from transport business organizers to air cargo agencies, from port operators to aircraft owner companies, from companies that carry out RO-RO transportation to fast cargo companies, from customs consultancy companies to warehouse operators, from transit assurance companies to companies that produce logistics software, ”he said.
Erkeskin stated that Asiaport Harbor has a very important place in Marmara; Ahmet Soyuer that provide only one port at the same time, he said his country allows the user to select the world's second largest owners of Turkey as a base. Erkeskin, "With this feature, located Asiaport carries the distinction of being a significant investment to develop the logistics facilities in the center of Turkey's path to becoming a trade beyond the harbor. Asiaport both in terms of Turkey's foreign trade both in terms of the development of the transit trade via Turkey to gain very important. This significant investments to increase the transport of containers handled in Turkey thus will contribute to the development of logistics services. At the same time, it will be an important step in terms of service export of our country ”.
President of Asyaport Ahmet Soyuer expressed his pleasure to host the members of the Board of Directors of UTİKAD in their ports and did not implement the Asyaport Project for the purpose of generating income from this port. considers it to be a responsibility project.
UTİKAD delegation visited the Governor of Tekirdağ Enver Salihoğlu in his office. Underlining the value added provided by Asyaport to Tekirdağ, the importance of public institutions' support for private sector investments was highlighted during the meeting.
UTİKAD delegation headed by Turgut Erkeskin, then Mayor of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Kadir
He met Albayrak in his office. Süleymanpaşa Mayor Ecz. M. Ekrem Eskinat
During the meeting, the contributions of local administrations and entrepreneurs in their cooperation were expressed.
Kadir Albayrak, as well as important industrial and agricultural enterprises in Tekirdag, as well as logistics investments with Asyaport
he said.
UTİKAD delegation last time, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Cengiz Günay'i office
visited. Speaking about the future of Asiaport Port during the meeting, Erkeskin said, “
how to improve logistics services and railway connections in the region
interviews, making assessments. Asyaport serving the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors of the region
The structures that will support the port should be well constructed. Tekirdag Chamber of Commerce and Industry
we agreed to work together; in coordination with local authorities and public authorities
we will evaluate and submit it to the relevant authorities as a report. değerlendir
Returning to Asyaport following the visits, the UICKAD Delegation returned to the
Performed at Asyaport Port.

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