UIC World High Speed ​​Railway Congress

UIC World High Speed ​​Railway Congress: Organizing Committee Meeting was held in Paris on 22.03.2016.
The International Railways Association (UIC) 2017 which is accepted and announced in 10 by TCDD. The first meeting of the Organizing Committee, which was established for the preparation of the World High Speed ​​Railway Congress, was held at the UIC Headquarters in Paris on 22 March 2016.
Representing our company, Ali İhsan Uygun and Foreign Relations Department President İbrahim Halil Çevik, UIC General Manager Jean Pierre Loubinoux, Passenger and High Speed ​​Department President Inaki Barron and Middle East Regional Coordinator Paul Veron attended the meeting, and the works done so far were evaluated. . Plans and division of labor related to the preparations for the Congress were discussed and the issues to be dealt with forward were discussed.



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