An explanation was requested from AYGM for the pre-selection result of the three-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel tender

Three-Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel Project Aecom Asia Company Limited and Geodata - Su-Yapı Mühendislik asked AYGM for an explanation

The joint venture of Aecom Asia Company Limited and Geodata - Su-Yapı Mühendislik, which was not included in the shortlist in the 2015-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel Project Survey, Project and Engineering tender, numbered 154207/3 by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, requested an explanation for the pre-selection result.

AYGM officials said they responded to the company / joint venture. At this stage, the company / joint venture will be expected to go to the JCC.

The winners of the aforementioned tender were asked to bid on 03 May 2016 until 10.30.



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