Surprise of Tulip for Women Getting on the Tram

Women Survivor of the Tulip Ride: Gungoren Municipality 8 March International Women's Day, Güngören Tram Stop was surprised by distributing tulips to women.
Gungoren Municipality 8 did not forget women in March. Gungoren Municipality, Güngören in front of the shopping center installed at the stand and Güngören Tram Stop was distributed to women Lale. While women welcomed this surprise, some women could not hide their astonishment. Some men received tulips from their wives to make a gesture.
Nevin Çakır expressed her satisfaction and said ır I congratulate all women on the occasion Nev.
Mehmet Hanife Emel who took flowers to his wife said kutla I will introduce my wife to this flower on International Women's Day. I will celebrate her day Eş.
Another woman who bought tulips before getting on the tram was giving women a message about her day, saying, kadınlar Women don't die, we see them on TV every day. I hope everything is good, İn he said.
Nuran Bilir, who celebrated the women's day, said to them, belediye Our spouses take parsley and the municipality is distributing tulips,.

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