Tudemsas to produce New Generation Mineral Transport Wagon

Tüdemsaş Will Produce New Generation Ore Transport Wagon: For Railways kazanIt was said that the mass production of the "Talns type" new generation closed ore transfer wagon, developed and tested by our Country Railway Machinery Industry Inc.

According to the non-verbal statement made by TÜDEMSAŞ, after the static brake test of the new generation closed ore transfer wagon Talns, which was developed in accordance with TSI standards and will begin mass production after completing all tests, the road test was successfully completed.

In the test conducted between Sivas-Ulaş, Talns were reached up to 120 km speed. TUBEMSAŞ engineers, TCDD Road Department Directorate of a professional team and contractor company made by the road test results of the car's acceleration and braking distance were examined.

After the successful completion of other tests to be carried out by Istanbul Technical University in Eskişehir, the serial production of the Talns wagon will be started.

TÜDEMSAŞ is planning to produce 2016 from this wagon to TCDD General Directorate within 2017-300 years.

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