Good News from Minister Tüfenkci to Malatyaya High Speed ​​Train

Malatyaya High Speed ​​Train Good News from Minister Tüfenkci: Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci said that Malatya will be connected to İskenderun and Mersin ports by high speed train.
Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci stated that they had a preliminary meeting with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for the high-speed train project that will connect Malatya to Iskenderun and Mersin ports and said that the project will be tendered as soon as possible.
Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci attended the 'Dost Council Meeting' organized by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Malatya Branch. At the meeting held in the MUSIAD Malatya Branch Conference Hall, the steps to be taken to improve the economy of Malatya were discussed. In addition to Minister Tüfenkci, Malatya Governor Süleyman Kamçı, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır, Yesilyurt Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, AK Party Malatya Provincial Chairman Hakan Kahtalı, MÜSİAD Malatya Branch Chairman Mehmet Balin and members of the Board of Directors and many businessmen attended the meeting. .
Making a speech at the meeting, Minister Tüfenkci stated that for the growth of Malatya's economy, it should be connected to important ports and said, “Malatya is not a city close to ports, for this we need to connect Malatya to important ports. At this point, we need to implement the fast teren line between Iskenderun and Mersin ports. We had a preliminary meeting with the Ministry of Transport about this. Hopefully, if we can get the project tender done in the coming days, it will be a very important thing for Malatya. kazanI will be. This will enable us to bring some raw materials to Malatya cheaper and to deliver the products we produce in Malatya quickly to the markets. I hope we will do more work on this in the coming period," he said.
Minister Tüfenkci said that as the Ministry they are trying to support businessmen for the development of the economy, "Our duty is for you to produce more, kazanOur mission is to support you so that you can contribute more to the welfare of the country and therefore to the welfare of the country. Our goal is to increase the competitiveness of the private sector both in Malatya and in our country. For this, first of all, we want to bring our country into the production and technology base of Eurasia. We want the manufacturing industry to be the main sector that drives economic growth in an outward-looking structure. In order to reduce the dependence of production and exports on imports, we will also maintain policies that increase the domestic production capacity of intermediate and investment goods. In this context, the production of high value-added goods that will increase the competitiveness of the economy is among our priority targets.
Touching on the unemployment problem in Malatya, Tüfenkci said, “Many of our employer friends in Malatya have difficulties in finding qualified and qualified workers. During my Provincial Presidency, we directed many of our friends who were looking for a job to the organized industry, but we could not send anyone to the organized industrial zone. People preferred to be cleaners in public institutions to work in an organization. Therefore, in Malatya, there is not unemployment but a problem of disliking the job, but when we look at the statistics, Malatya is a city with a high average unemployment. We need to work on this and reduce unemployment in Malatya ”.
MUSIAD Malatya Branch President Mehmet Balin expressed his expectations and demands to increase Malatya's exports and said, “After Malatya became a metropolitan city, it became a very beautiful and livable city. It has reached a position that can be called the Paris of the East, but Malatya has one shortcoming. That is, Malatya has no money and there are many unemployed people. From this point you have a lot of our expectations with respect to both related and Malatya, Turkey. The final preparations are about to complete us in our 3rd Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ). If we can bring business people to an area of ​​12 million square meters there, we can reduce the unemployment rate in Malatya by half. For this, we fulfill all kinds of duties on our part, and we expect support from you in this regard, ”he said.
Reminding that the expropriation problem in the 3rd OIZ has been solved, Balin said, “3. Another problem in OIZ is the expenses related to the treatment plant. If you support the construction of the treatment plant with appropriate funds, there will be little things left and we can give the entrepreneurs coming to Malatya for a square meter of our parcels in the 3rd OIZ for 3-4 dollars. This increases the courage of people who will invest in Malatya. Because when the land is free, businessmen do not care about other problems and invest here ”.

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