Istanbul Traffic Solution Rail System Vertebrate Transportation

Solution to Istanbul Traffic: Rail System Vertebrate Transportation: Okan University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Güngör universe of new roads, as soon as possible, which creates its own demand, all over the world and in Turkey found yaşanarak it stated that an absolute fact, "after the new road to provide a convenience short-term steps to create that come to demand a blockage situation, so the problem continues aggravated" said.
Evren, indicating that the city has many problems, the most important of these people and the people who affect the lives of the most transportation, he said.
Pointing out that the transportation problem is multifaceted, Evren said, “The problems in transportation have not one but many reasons. There is no doubt that the most important reason is migration pressure. It is necessary to add industrial pressure to this. Unless these two pressures are prevented, it is impossible to make a radical solution to the transportation problem. Actually, migration and industrial pressure are of primary importance not only in terms of transportation but also in all problems of Istanbul ”.
Instead of transferring the transportation problem of Istanbul Istanbul universe ought to talk about the issue, he underlined the scale of the solution should be sought in Istanbul is Turkey.
"Need to plan logistics"
The universe, transportation and a significant cause of traffic problems in the logistics and storage areas, said the positioning.
Emphasizing the route and timing of the logistics and storage areas and the movements of freight vehicles in the city, Evren continued:
“Indeed, the warehouses in Istanbul are structured in an unplanned way, without considering traffic and transportation conditions. As long as this lack of planning continues, the negative effects of logistics on transportation will continue. Therefore, 'logistics planning', which has not yet been found, should be carried out and implemented without delay. "
- "Remedy: Rail system vertebrate transportation"
Evren explained that the solution of transportation in Istanbul will be possible if the rail system becomes the backbone of the transportation.
Emphasizing that the rail system must be integrated with the seaway, Evren said, “Istanbul, which does not benefit from the sea it is intertwined with, especially in transportation, means that Istanbul lives incompletely. It is clear that the seaway, which has a 2-3 percent share in transportation, is not used sufficiently. What needs to be done for Istanbul transportation is to spread the development of the rail system more rapidly by taking into account the priorities of the construction of the lines, to increase the maritime transport share from 2-3 percent to at least 10 percent and to support the system with buses.
Universe, according to the increase in the number of cars to make the road can be a solution by determining that, should be taken as the basis of public transport, he said.
Evren stated that public transport is the main component of the transport system and said that the use of automobiles should be kept at reasonable levels.
Evren stated that regulations for people to enter city centers by using public transportation are essential, "In the extension of this solution, measures such as the ability of cars to enter city centers by paying a fee or to create areas that can only be used by pedestrians by preventing the entrance of motor vehicles to certain areas are successfully implemented in many major cities of the world."
- "New roads create their own vehicle demands"
Prof. Dr. Evren stated that it will not be beneficial to constantly build new ways to solve the transportation problem and said, “It is a definite fact that new roads create its own demand as soon as possible, and it has been experienced all over the world and in our country. The new road becomes a blockage with the demand it creates after a short-term comfort phase, so the problem continues to get worse ”.
Large institutions and companies should be provided with the convenience of parking on the Evren, traffic to the vehicles according to the license plate number of days may be allowed on certain days, he said.
Evren stated that flexible working hours could be an important solution for traffic in Istanbul and said, “Most importantly, solutions such as good management of traffic, prevention of roadside parks and ensuring that drivers comply with the rules with an effective inspection and increasing the existing road capacities can be implemented. However, first of all, in order to make the most effective use of the existing road possibilities, the traffic must be managed well, especially ensuring that the drivers obey the rules ”.

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