Train hit the student service in Malatya 1 dead, 24 injured (Video)

The train hit the student service in Malatya 1 dead, 24 injured: A child died when a freight train hit a minibus carrying a student at the uncontrolled level crossing in Yeşilyurt district of Malatya, and 24 people were injured.
The freight train numbered “53255”, which went from Malatya to Hekimhan district and operated by VA and A. A, hit the student service with 39 PV 44 plates under the administration of Yüksek Aksük (701), which entered the level crossing in İstasyon Quarter. Dilek Secondary School student Seher Doğan (200) died in the accident where the shuttle van was dragged for about 13 meters.
Injured driver Aksük and Nazife, Osman, Büşra and Rabia Yüksekler, Alican Özden, Deniz Koç, Zeynep and Rukiye Levent, Mert Karakoç, Demet Ecem Aksüt, Simge, İdil and Sılanur Akıncı, Muhammet Kaçmaz, Sevilay Gürbüz, Emre Yıldız, Ayşenur Taştan, Sıla and Sima Doğan, Zeynep and Dilara Aslan, Elifcan Officer and Yüksel Aksük were taken to Malatya State Hospital and Turgut Özal Medical Center by ambulances. It was learned that the driver Aksük maintained his health condition seriously. Meanwhile, it was alleged that the minibus was engaged in "pirate" transport.
Malatya Governor Süleyman Kamçı visited the injured people, mostly secondary school students, at the Malatya State Hospital, and conveyed his get well soon wishes, and received information from the Yesilyurt District Governor Nesim Babahanoğlu. Stating that the unfortunate accident happened in the morning hours, Kamçı said that the investigation was continuing. Stating that a student died in the accident and that the driver's health was serious, Kamçı explained that the injured students were not life-threatening.
Stating that the minibus is engaged in pirate transportation, Kamçı said, “As the National Education, we cannot give a transportation license in places where the municipality provides transportation services, so that they can benefit from the municipal vehicles. I think they have done such a thing to make it easier by their own means, to go collectively. It's a sad situation that we don't actually want. We say get well to all of them ”he said. The relatives of the injured who came to the front of the hospital also demanded a controlled level crossing from Governor Kamçı.



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