KarşıyakaSea water is coming to the tram line under construction in

KarşıyakaSea water is coming to the tram line that is under construction in Istanbul:KarşıyakaSea water is leaking into the excavation area located on the route of the tram line in progress. Citizens are already reacting to the excavation area already filled with water. TMMOB Chamber of Geophysical Engineers Izmir Branch President Sinan Can Ozicer is likely to leak seawater into the excavation area, the tram line will be damaged if not taken measures, he said.
KarşıyakaThe excavation area for the Tram line in Istanbul was filled with water. Sea water leaks allegedly to the excavation area where the tram line runs parallel to the sea on Cemal Gürsel Street. In the pit where the construction machines continue the excavation work, the sea level continues to rise with the leakage of sea water. Excavations are also in front of bus stops. Citizens who use wooden bridges to get on buses react to the situation.
While the company confirmed that the authorities were leaking sea water in the region where the work continues, a comment was received from the TMMOB Chamber of Geophysical Engineers İzmir Branch President Sinan Can Öziçer. Stating that seawater is a possible possibility of leaking, Beledi said that a detailed research should be done on this subject. Öziçer said that if the precautions against leaky sea water are not taken, the tram line could be damaged.
Citizens reacted to the work on the busiest street in the district. The authorities of the firm are in a difficult situation because Karşıyaka Citizens who know what the municipality, said there should be a solution to this situation.

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