Izmit residents will take the tram in the first quarter of 2017

Izmit, the first quarter of 2017 tramway will be: AK Party Izmit District Chairman Ali Korkmaz this morning with the district managers, council members and Yahya Kaptan neighborhood representatives, along with tramway studies, the authorities received information by examining.
Stating that the tram works continued at full speed, the authorities stated that the concrete work on which the rail works will be made now exceeds the 1 km and they have done the reaming work for this part. At the same time, they reported that all the infrastructure was overhauled and the necessary interventions and renovations were carried out in order to avoid problems in the future.
Ali Korkmaz, who met with the authorities for a while and received information, said the following. “The most pronounced traffic density and the ideal route to comfort our citizens was determined as a result of meticulous studies. Inshaallah '' We will get on the tram in the first quarter of 2017. When the tram works are over, a relief will automatically emerge on these routes where we experience density. However, we, as a society, need to establish the culture of public transportation and contribute to both the economic and psychological comfort that this culture brings. '' sohbet Korkmaz and his team, who visited Ahmet Yavuz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yahya Kaptan Collective Construction after examining the works, and his team left Yahya Kaptan for different programs after this visit.



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