Stadler Rail to produce Flirt3 Train for the Netherlands

Stadler Rail to Manufacture Flirt3 Train for the Netherlands: A new agreement has been signed between Stadler Rail and Syntus, one of the Dutch transport companies. According to the signed agreement, Stadler Rail will produce 16 Flirt3 electric trains to be used between Zwolle and Kampen and Enschede in the Netherlands.
The cost of the agreement made by Stadler Rail in 2 March was announced as 125 million Euros. According to the agreement, Stadler Rail 9 will produce 3'er wagon and 7 4'er wagon electric train. The 15 annual maintenance of the trains will also be part of the agreement. Trains will be produced at Stadler Rail's facilities in Switzerland. The first train is expected to be delivered in 2017.



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