It did not affect Bahar Palandöken

Bahar did not affect Palandöken: Palandöken Ski Center in Erzurum continues to offer ski lovers the pleasure of skiing even though many ski resorts have to close the season due to the melting of the snow with the early spring.

With the rise above the seasonal normal temperatures in the month of February of Turkey Uludag, including many ski or snow melt entirely or primarily by inadequate descend season, he was forced to close early.

In this picture, which is negative in terms of winter tourism, Palandöken Ski Center stands out as a "shining star" ski center with a snow thickness of 135 centimeters. Vacationers who want to enjoy skiing in the spring have also filled the hotels in Palandöken.

Most of the local tourists coming to Palandöken, where the snowfall continues at intervals, had pleasant moments by sledding, skiing and snowboarding on the tracks.

- The season is expected to run until April 15

Ömer Akca, the administrative affairs manager of a hotel operating in Palandoken Ski Center, said in a statement that although many ski centers had to close the season, the season continues in Palandöken with its geographical and climate advantages in winter tourism.

Akca stated that all the runways in their centers are in good condition and the intensity of the other ski centers increased.

“Currently there is around 70 centimeters of compacted snow on the tracks. It is still snowing. We expect the snowfall to continue in Palandöken in the next few days. In addition, we will also run the artificial snow system. We will extend the season with this system. Hotels in Palandoken are almost completely full. Ski lovers are waiting for the beauty of Palandöken and plenty of land. According to our estimates, we expect the season to continue until April 15. "

- "The beauty of winter is in the east"

Oruç Irmak, Chairman of the Nevşehir Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors, said that he had the opportunity to experience all the beauties of the winter here.

Expressing that the closest ski resort to the city he lives in is Kayseri Erciyes, but he preferred this place because there was not enough snow, Oruç said, “There are flowers in our branches right now, spring has come. The beauty of winter and the warmth of people are also in the east. We took this opportunity and came here ”.