Sivas Mayor in Aydın, visit to TÜDEMSAŞ

Sivas Mayor Aydin, TÜDEMSAŞ visit: Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın, Turkey Railway Machines Industry AŞ of (TÜDEMSAŞ) visited.
According to the written statement made by the municipality, Aydın visited all units in the factory and received information from Yıldıray Koçarslan, General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ.
Aydın stated that TÜDEMSAŞ was a very important institution for Sivas in the evaluation he made and said, “I see it as a very pleasing development that the number of workers has increased to 1400 people with its subsidiary industry, while it used to employ 2700 workers here. I believe that TÜDEMSAŞ will make a significant contribution to both Sivas and the country's economy with its production activities from now on ”.
Koçarslan also stated that there is a serious increase in the number of workers working in the factory, “We aim to make this region a freight wagon center with the instructions of our Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım in Sivas, especially to stop migration. For this, very serious rehabilitation work has been done in our company. Our work on establishing a supplier industry has been completed with trainings. The number of our employees within TÜDEMSAŞ has reached approximately 2700 people with our subsidiary industry ”.
Koçarslan continued:
“Our goal in 2017 is that this figure is at least 5 people. Our main goal as TÜDEMSAŞ first in Turkey and then to become the largest freight wagons center of the Middle East. We have great goals such as dominating both Europe and the Middle East market by providing the production of at least 50 thousand freight wagons per year. "



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