Pre-election opened Çerkezköy trains removed on 4 month

Pre-election opened Çerkezköy trains were lifted on 4 basis: TCDD opened a ceremony with a ceremony returning to the AKP's show just before the 1 November elections. Çerkezköy-Uzunköprü and Çerkesköy-Kapıkule regional trains 4 months after the "damage" was removed with the reason.
The United Transport Workers Union (BTS), organized on railways, reacted to the decision by stating that railway operations were essentially a (public service Demir.
Çerkezköy-Kapıkule-Çerkezköy ve Çerkezköy-Uzunköprü-Çerkezköy regional passenger train flights, 20 October 2015 on the date of the ceremony was attended by AKP Tekirdağ Deputy Ayse Dogan and AKP district administrators. 8 occupancy rate of the trains started with a percentage of the occupancy rate in January had reached 28'ların percent. However, 4 was removed from the expedition with the claim that the 15 on February 2016 was the loss of two regional trains.
Reacting to the verdict by a written statement, BTS President Uğur Yaman pointed out that the number of passengers increased despite the increasing number of passengers. Underlining that train operation is a public service, Yaman said, T Regardless of which reason, these applications for the abolition of train services are part of the privatization of TCDD under the name of restructuring. Tren
Yaman, "the addition SAI's past five years, the damage as being an expression of reports that their being damaged by regional train company increased two-fold 9.5 billion pounds finding of TCDD 2013 to 1 billion 280 million pounds of damage to TCDD business with the high cost of closing the Supreme It is clearly stated that it is due to the management of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) ec.
Yaman stated that many suburban and passenger train flights on the European side had been canceled due to reasons such as altındaki road renewal, wheel change, damage eler and stated that TCDD had committed a crime by preventing the right of transportation under constitutional guarantee.

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  1. This train Çerkezköy There is really no point in operating between Kapikule and. Because the demand for Istanbul, ÇerkezköyThere is a world way from Istanbul to Istanbul. but this train Çerkezköy If it was operated until Tekirdağ port and the passengers were transferred between Tekidağ and Bandırma via IDO or BUDO via the interge station and port port, as in Bandırma, to be transferred from Bandırma to İzmir with the still operated İzmir trains and at an hour between 21.00 and 24.00. If it was thought that they would reach Ankara by a train to Ankara from Balıkesir-Kütahya-Eskişehir route, this line would be running very loud now. It is not too late. The electrification of the road between Balıkesir and Eskişehir is almost finished.