Samsun-Batumi High Speed ​​Line must be installed

Samsun-Batumi High Speed ​​Train Line must be established: the current economic data is not suitable for Samsun voicing Canik Mayor Osman Young, "Samsun-Batumi Fast Freight and Passenger Train Line must be established," he said.
Organized by the Municipality of Canik and for three days to meet the dynamics of the city's Economic Development Workshop began with the opening ceremony. President Genç, Samsun to carry the economy forward while making recommendations; Ir Samsun-Iraq Railway must be implemented. From the Kurtalan district of Batman to the city of Zaho in Iraq, the rail should be extended. In addition, the fast freight and passenger train line between Samsun and Batumi must be established. Ayrıca
For the opening of the workshop which will bring together the dynamics of the city for three days, President Economic Advisor Cemil Ertem, Governor İbrahim Şahin, Mayor of Canik Osman Genç, Salih Zeki Murzioğlu, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mevlüt Özen, Secretary General of the Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), businessmen, representatives of non-governmental organizations and citizens.
Speaking at the opening of the workshop, President Osman Young, in his speech drew attention to common belief, noting that the world is rapidly changing, "Samsun process in the next 100 years will be one of Turkey's most strategic epicenter of the city. However, we, as Samsun, should adopt the concept of sustainable development by improving the resource and area dimension of local development. Now we live in an era where cities come to the fore. "It is the city's own dynamics that will attract investment, create employment, and create a peaceful and happy city."
Pointing out that Samsun was an important trade center in history, Mayor Genç said, “Samsun is the gateway to Anatolia. It is no longer possible for cities to compete with state investment. Turkey's largest 500 firms in Samsun 5, the second largest 500 companies entered between 8 company. Having exported 2014 million 467 dollars in 898, Samsun's 2015 export figure remained at 430 million 358 thousand dollars. On the other hand, in Samsun socio-economic development, one row fell to 33rd place. This does not suit a city with a potential like Samsun. The city does not have a Holistic Master Plan and there is a shortage of transportation between the districts and the center. We are the ones who will correct this situation in our city. ”
That reshaped the world economy and the East, West, North, South, including 4 axis develops Young stated that, "The global developments and Turkey's 2023, 2053 and 2071 goals offers new opportunities to Samsun. First of all, Samsun's Integrative Master Plan should be made and the managers of this city should give confidence to the investor. Samsun, which is located at an advantageous point of the global transportation and logistics axes, should turn into the regional center in the logistics and combined transportation sector. The most important infrastructure for achieving this goal is to ensure that the products are delivered to Samsun in the easiest, fastest and most economic conditions. The logistics sector in the world comes to the fore. Samsun is very weak in logistics. We need to establish relations between production and consumption centers, ie ports and interregions. In light of this information, the port capacity for logistic purposes should be provided in Tekkeköy region Bu.
Continuing its proposals to ensure the economic growth of Samsun, sağlan Transfer Port to Tekkeköy region should be made. At least 20 million square meters of OSB should be established between Wednesday and Airport. Again, this region should be built in the Free Trade Zone of Jordan, in Aqaba. The passenger and cargo capacity of the airport should be increased and the area should be an airport. Samsun-Iraq Railway must be implemented. From the Kurtalan district of Batman to the city of Zaho in Iraq, the rail should be extended. In addition, the Fast Freight and Passenger Train Line between Samsun and Batumi should be established. 4. industrial revolution, while Samsun as our mind structure 4. level, '' he said.
Samsun Governor Ibrahim Sahin also pointed out that President Genç made important determinations about the city's economy and its solutions. Konuş As Governor of the City, we made important works for the speeding up of the Samsun-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line and we got very fast. When the line is completed, freight trains will have a separate route next to the high-speed train line and the 600 km between Samsun and Ankara will be shortened. In addition, we took significant steps in the establishment of Samsun Logistics Village. However, I admit that we cannot lead the expansion of the Organized Industrial Zone. Is there a need, yes. But we are having trouble producing enough land. As a country we spend on 30 billion dollars mobile phones. This money is 4 say Turk Telekom. But we could have done much better with this money. Our youth should not be consuming, but producing individuals. Gençler
Economic Advisor to the President on the first day of the workshop Cemil Ertem, "New Turkey Way City and Economy" conference gave. Series New Turkey Way conference organized by Canik Municipal Conference and such workshops, dealing with the scourge of terrorism Turkey's 2023 targets in line with an emphasis on a very important message, congratulated the President Osman Young is. Stating that the works of Canik Municipality are a good example for local governments, Ertem stated that other municipalities should also do such studies. Samsun, Turkey and the conference assess the economic situation in the world, the new Constitution and Presidential System Ertem explaining the importance in terms of the country's economy is no longer in the world by the bosses of the country's economy, he said it formed locally. Answering the questions at the end of the conference, Ertem stated that the incentive system should turn from regional incentives to sectoral incentives.
On the afternoon part of the first day of the workshop, Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Dr. METU Holding Manager Haluk Tan and SDE Specialist Dr. Murat Aydın, moderated in the ”Samsun and Economy Ekonomi panel. M. Levent Yilmaz talked about Samsun and its economy. At the end of the first day, groups of workshops were gathered and started working. ”Targets and Action Plans of Samsun Economy”, “Qualified Labor Force in Samsun li, Nit Investment in Samsun leri, leri Building of Local Brands in Samsun“, Gr Export and Samsun UM, Gr Export and Samsun X and Animal Husbandry ”and ve Tourism in Samsun“ topics. On the last day of the workshop, the workshop groups will present their reports.
On the other hand, Presidential Economy Adviser Cemil Ertem, Canik Mayor Osman Young visited in his office. Ertem, who visited the moon-star service building and gave information about the units that are only in Canik Municipality with the technological equipment of the building, talked about the importance of cultural publications of Canik Municipality. Ertem, indicating that Canik Municipality Service Building is an example, said that cultural publications are important in terms of revealing the history of Samsun. At the end of the visit, President Genç gave Ertem the Ottoman cemetery of ceramics.

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