Statement from Safiport Derince Port

Statement from Safiport Derince Port: The Council of State had decided to suspend the execution of the provisions regarding the transportation systems of the zoning plans for Derince Port, which were put into effect by the decision of the Privatization High Council. A statement came from Safiport Derince Port on the subject
The following statements were made in the statement made by Safiport Derince Port:
"As it is known, before the tender held by the Privatization Administration for the privatization of Derince Port, with the decision of the Privatization High Council dated 20.12.2013 and numbered 2013/210, the 1/5000 scaled master plan and 1/1000 scale implementation zoning plan was published.
While the development plans approved by the decision of the Privatization High Council dated 20.12.2013 date and 2013 / 210 numbered, the Privatization High Council requested the opinion of the separate institutions and related ministries of 18 and approved the zoning plan considering the opinions of the relevant institutions.
In this context, expansion works planned to be carried out by us, including the expansion of Derince Port, as a result of the tender made; The authorization granted to the Privatization Administration by the provisions of the Law on Privatization Practices numbered 4046, 07.08.2014 date and 14-26 / 527-233 decision on the authorization of the operation of the Competition Board and the approval of the Privatization High Council 14.08.2014 date and 2014 / 90 number.
The Council of State 6. Our company is not a party to 2015 / 11584 Main Law file. It is foreseen by the Court that, in accordance with the 20.12.2013 / 2013 scale master plan and 210 / 1 scale implementation plan approved by 5000 / 1 decision of the Privatization High Council, It was decided that the decision of the Court will not prevent the investments to be made by our company.
Therefore, in the text of the decision regarding the stay of execution and for the reasons explained above; The decision is not a final decision, especially that the decision is not a decision that will constitute an obstacle to the projects and investments that we are obliged to realize, including the filling investments to be made within the scope of the Contract for Transfer of Operating Rights signed by our company, and the Privatization Administration's We hereby inform the public that we will continue the investments required for Safi Port Derince Port to reach the commercial capacity targeted by our State.



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