The work for the Ödemiş-Gölcük Teleferic Project is under way

The work for the Ödemiş-Gölcük Teleferic Project is under way: Ödemiş Mayor Mahmut Badem stated that the project will affect the tourism potential of the region positively.
Regarding the development of the district, they are working to realize all the projects related to Badem, the cable car between Ödemiş-Gölcük related companies in the region said that the technical teams of the relevant companies are doing work in the region.
Badem, ropeway route, the station to be established, the situation of the land, taking into account the meteorological data are carried out in the preliminary studies of the work by expressing, 'Gölcük location as a natural wonder of our other tourism areas. As we continue our recreation project on the lake, we are working to realize the cable car project. Feasibility studies are also being carried out for the social facilities that will be created together with the ropeway. We are trying to make Gölcük become a tourism paradise in a few years'.



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