Nusrat Train Station

Nusrat Train Station on the agenda of the parliament: CHP Balıkesir Deputy Mehmet Tüm asked the minister of the Nusrat Train Station, which has been closed for 6 months.
Dear Minister, Balikesir Kepsut district Nusrat Train Station is closed to Ankara for five to six years, even on the grounds that improvement will be made of passenger transport is not the same, but still continue to transport the State Railways. The people of the region are victims of this situation. Our people who wanted to travel in the direction of Balıkesir-Ankara, especially Kepsut and Dursunbey, were victimized. Urgently, the government is waiting for a solution to the problem.
Will there be a high-speed train to Balıkesir? Is there investment budget in 2016? Or do you plan to include it in the investment program?
In addition, did you allocate a share of our Roma citizens in the budget? Will you solve the problems of education, employment and housing?

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