Çerkezköy No response to the removal of train flights

Çerkezköy No response to the abolition of the train flights: Turkish Transport-Sen Vice President Yasar Yazici with Turkish Transportation-Sen 3 Branch President Ozturk Cinar, with Tevfik Tastan from the Branch Office of 3 Çerkezköy He visited the Train Station.
Çerkezköy Speaking during the visit to the Railway Station Yasar General Vice President of Transportation, you do not make any noise from the removal of train services, arguing that ı MPs, municipalities and people in the provinces of this region to create public opinion and the train service would not be removed from the train service could not be removed. Citizens and executives, prefects and governors wanted to run this train, this train would work, "he said.
Türk Taşıma-Sen Vice Chairman Yaşar Yazıcı with Öztürk Çınar, Head of Turkish Transport-Sen 3 Branch, together with Tevfik Taştan of 3 Branch Office Çerkezköy He visited the Train Station.
During the visit Çerkezköy Gar Chief Mustafa Parapan, Turkish Transportation-Sen Çerkezköy Representatives Nevzat Yildirim and Abdurrahman Firtin, union members and employees met in the Gar Meeting Hall.
Öztürk Çınar, the head of the Turkish Transportation-Sen Branch, answered the questions of the members of the press after hearing the problems of the employees and gave information about why the local trains were removed from the flights. Çınar said: gel We would like to come here with the high-speed train. Since we cannot make it by high-speed train, we have both a trade union and a corporate embarrassment. 3, 81717, 81717 local trains were removed from the expedition we then village villages, neighborhood neighborhood, headmen, district heads, political party representatives wanted to travel around the support. A motion was made to the parliament on why the trains were removed. . In that area trains 81722-30 goes at a speedometer. We lifted the trains, we will put the high-speed trains next time. We will do road renewal and there is a little patience to the citizens want to 'he said. We came and we are trying to tell our friends here and share the shares, Biz he said.
Although the 2016 March is not yet on the route yet, the speed trains were not put on the plane. In We had a local train room was removed from the time. The people of this region are very bland and willing to accept their fate. Our expectation is going to despair every day. We would like to have the bridge work done while road works, but the bridges start as of this summer and we are not more hopeful than the train as of this summer. After that, we will talk to our friends and citizens in Thrace. If we act here with a common mind, we are considering moving it to the ministry, which is the most authoritative institution, to the presidency and parliament hareket.
Uzunköprü Municipality has started a petition campaign against the removal of trains, telling about the press release Çınar said: ası What kind of contribution we can make by contacting Uzunköprü Municipality; they will evaluate it as to what it offers to us. Our citizens go to Istanbul by private vehicles or buses. Hopefully, we will try to eliminate this negativity with both employees and citizens. They cited the fact that the average 27 passengers were transported as a reason for the cancellation of the flights and therefore the revenue met the 6 of the expense and the loss. Normally two percent, but according to their statement, they say six percent. When the train was put on the first time, the local people did not know it exactly. There was an accident at a level crossing. When the accident, the citizen heard the train service. I think it was politically motivated to take the train next time u
Yaşar Yazıcı, Vice Chairman of the Turkish Transportation and Transportation Group, stated that the main purpose of the train service should be public interest and said: ler The train was subsidized and the railways were guaranteed. Normally this train was receiving 2 income, but the percentage of 98 damage was also being subsidized. On the other hand, the passenger was scarce and the local people did not take the train.
Ve When the train service was abolished, no one reacted to it. Iyel This would not be the case if the MPs, municipalities and the public in the provinces of this region had created and reacted publicly. Citizen and administrators, the prefect and the governor wanted to run this train train would work. 3-4 train was removed with this excuse X.
The printer concluded: Yazıcı We cannot give a recent date about the train services. Our Minister of Transport says 'we want to open it as soon as possible', but they can't give the time. The bridges need to be renewed and this summer will be more recently auctioned. technology was developed in Turkey. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 35 is making an underpass for the day. It is done if requested, but it took a little longer in this region. It can be completed in six months if desired, but if it goes that way, we think it will be finished within a year. İsten


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