Kars Deputy Arslan Connects London Central Asia with BTK Railway

Kars Deputy Armstrong, the BTK railway with London Central Asia are contacting: AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan, Anatolia for the last thirteen years the Republic of Turkey that it ceases to be a bridge on the geography, he said that made the bridge in terms of transport corridors.
Arslan stated that London was connected to Central Asia with Marmaray, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway line.
The road made a city where everyone lives, from railways, ports of Turkey's what he saw expressing deputy Ahmet Arslan did, "I'll just show you a photo, this photo, the glowing regions such as stars, the Anatolia Thrace shows the location of the Republic of Turkey. Everyone made it out of the way to live in the city, the railways, see what people are doing the port of Turkey. But in order to see the whole picture, you have to consider your geography, like someone, you just have to look beyond the horizon to see beyond the horizon. Ancak
Here, with the president, the prime minister, and the government sees beyond the horizon with the Transport Ministers and staff of Anatolia Republic of Turkey last thirteen years he ceases to be a bridge over geography, it has become a bridge in terms of transport corridors so that the AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan, "How have brought? By integrating all types of transportation with each other. In other words, by integrating with roads, railways, harbors and airports, it has become aware of, and is aware of, this geography. How does it do? It not only makes high-speed trains not only on roads but also on railways, but also makes logistics centers. It constructs main corridors not only on the east-west axis but on the north-south axis on the roads. It increases sea ports, does not settle, connects with railways and railways, and is not satisfied with this, making all parts of the country accessible by airports. It makes it accessible, so that all sectors benefit from transportation infrastructures. I'll give just one example, it was said here today, it was said: "If it had stayed at 26 airports, it wouldn't have been 55 or 57." 57 Without air ambulance helicopter air services would not be able to go anywhere in Turkey. Here, Turkey's all over the airport on our air ambulance there, our helicopter flights in Kars, take the patient can take in other places all over Turkey, "he said.
Arsalan said, “The rail network is being knitted, and this geography is given the right. London is connected to Central Asia with Marmaray, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars. You can say: "Neither London, nor Central Asia to me." If there is a market of 31 trillion dollars in this geography and billions of people live in this geography, you should take advantage of this position commercially. Here, the Ministry of Transport and its team are making projects to take advantage of this position. What else is he doing? We have a railway until East Gate, it has not been hit for fifty years, thanks to these cadres, the railway has been renewed until Kars and Akyaka and the East Gate, and more modern railways are served. So let's not just get stuck on the high-speed train. ”
Noting that Kars had only met the divided road from the 22 kilometer in the city, in the direction of Kars, Selim, Sarikamis and Erzurum, today, Arslan said that:
Tır Susuz met the divided way. Digor district - now the business begins - will meet in the divided way. The town of Arpaçay and Akyaka was introduced to the 1A standard by means of 12 meters. On the side of the road a tractor to the other side of the road while the 2 cars to meet each other has met the ways. Kağızman district has been renewing its unexposed ways for fifty years and it brings it to the 1A standard. Thanks to who? You know, thanks to these cadres. Ministry of Transportation staff is doing the job for which Izmir see beyond the horizon, doing business in Kars, Turkey is doing business with anywhere velhasılıkela I 81. "
He added that the budget allocated to Kars was a very good budget.

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