Salvation level crossing revolted citizen

Kurtuluş level crossing revolted the citizen: the work on the Konya-Karaman high-speed train line, which was laid in 2014, could not be finished yet. Before the start of the work, the salvage level crossing of the 1800 vehicle crossed is 18 for months. There is no warning sign in the passage that a person lost his life. Local people and artisans want their grievances to be eliminated as soon as possible
The foundation of the Konya - Karaman high-speed train line was laid in 2014. Due to the works, some level crossings were closed to traffic. One of them is the Salvation level crossing, where the daily average 1800 vehicle crosses before the work begins. The fact that the passage was closed for 18 months caused the people of the region to react. Tradesmen and citizens are worried that there are no warning signs on the street. They are right about their concerns because a person was killed in a traffic accident in recent months. Especially the elderly and children have difficulty in passing the rails. In order to warn the mechanic, they just hung a plate in the form of 'whistle play' in the level crossing. The route becomes even more dangerous during the school entrance and departure times and prayer times.

Fatih Akpınar, one of the neighborhood shopkeepers, 15 has been engaged in apparel for years, the work on the train because of the reduction of the percentage of jobs in the 25 rate, he said. 18 2016 months ago, said that the work will be completed in the 9, but is still not finished, stating that Akpinar, m It does not seem like. Since the level crossing is closed, vehicles are not crossing this street, but on the other. In the past, the density was quite high now, just the opposite. The trades we had before were forced to close due to the decline of jobs that XNUMX had been working for years. We want this problem to be solved as soon as possible. Bu

Mehmet Erdoğan, a tradesman in the neighborhood of Arif Bilge, said, all A pit with a width of about 12 meters and a depth of 5 meters was opened. No security measures were taken around it. I wrote the necessary petitions to the relevant institutions but no return was made and no security measures were taken. The excavated place is at a distance of 10 from the mosque. Along with the wind, the interior of the mosque is filled with dust, and we are having difficulty in praying. R

Mehmet Erdoğan said that he had to spend a month on 18 because of his savings for his children. He said, oğ I was selling a thousand bread a day before the work started. The daily cirom 300 was around a thousand pounds, now at most 2 pounds. We've been here since 800. We've never had a problem like this before. In the past, the people of the neighborhood came and wanted to borrow from us, but we can not give now. Emergency patients are delayed in the hospital. A woman had a heart attack in the office, the ambulance came in about half an hour. Because the level crossing is closed. The Gate of Independence was like the Berlin Wall in Germany. Kurt Bayram Coşkun, a minibus coach on the Kurtuluş line, said that due to the studies, two vehicles could not pass in the avenue on the railway route, turned into a single-lane road, there was no warning sign, the time of the line route disappeared due to the extension of two kilometers. Citizens, who suffered a lot from the work, call for the authorities to complete the work as soon as possible.

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