Konya Wheat Market Returned to the Exchange of YHT Station Project

Konya Wheat Market YHT Terminal Project Returned to the tune: the tender can not be finalized. The final offer period to be completed in 31 March is expected to increase as a result of YDA Construction's lawsuit


A new node has been added to the Wheat Market High Speed ​​Train Station Project. 2 has not been completed in the tender for the project for years, now the court decisions are marked.

YDA Construction; General Directorate of State Railways, 24 June 2014 applications were collected, TCDD Konya Wheat Market High Speed ​​Railway Station construction of the tender for the short list of non-selection and the decision of the JCC has applied to the court for the decision and won the court.


Recently, Kur İnşaat A.Ş. -Yedigöze Construction joint venture had won the case. In accordance with the decision of the court, it was decided to take the corrective action again. According to the decision, the application for the prequalification of the applicant joint venture will be taken into consideration and the operations after this stage will be re-carried out in accordance with the legislation. After these developments, it is expected that the deadline for the deadline for submission of the deadline for postponement will be postponed from 7 Mart to 31 Mart.

Due to the objections made to the decisions of the JCC, the deadline for submission of bids is still delayed since 14 July 2015



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