Kemalpaşa Logistics Center Project 2 companies / joint ventures objected to the JCC

AYGM Kemalpaşa Logistics Center Project 2 companies / joint venture appealed to KİK

Kemalpre Logistics Center Infrastructure and Superstructure Supply Construction tender Mezre - AKM Yapı - EMT İnşaat on March 30, 2015, Aga Energy company 2015 March In 172002, he appealed to the Public Procurement Authority for the preliminary election result of the tender. At this stage, the JCC decision will be expected.

As it is known, after the corrective actions performed recently, Pers - Bergiz Yapı joint venture was also included in the short list and the bidding deadline, which was previously determined as 25 March 2016, was postponed to 04 May 2016. AYGM, which evaluated the objection made by Öztaş - Femas İnşaat joint venture and Ataray Architecture - Pınar Telecommunication joint venture as a result of the preliminary election, included 2 joint ventures in the short list.



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