Ankara-Bursa carries YHT project to parliament agenda

Kayışoğlu brought the Ankara-Bursa YHT project to the agenda in the parliament: CHP Bursa Deputy Constitutional Commission Member Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu brought two important projects of Bursa to the agenda in the budget negotiations.
Altaca Kayışoğlu reminded the promises that the High Speed ​​Train between Ankara and Bursa, the foundation of which was laid in 2012, will be put into service in 2016, and said to the Minister of Agriculture Faruk Çelik, “You are also a Bursa citizen, and the groundbreaking ceremony you also arrived.
In the speeches of that day, it was stated that the High Speed ​​Train will be operational in 2016, but the Governor of Bursa recently announced that this project was thrown into the garbage. He announced that a new route study will be made. The 480 million lira spent for this project was thus wasted. "We are making these budgets, but we cannot accept the waste of citizens' money," he said.
CHP Bursa deputy Nurhayat Altace KAYIŞOĞLU, Steel Minister that the Jockey Club of Turkey in the last three months lay off 150 employees, also asked the reason of this output experienced.
Altaca Kayışoğlu brought the Automotive Test Center to the agenda, which is expected to be built impatiently in Yenişehir while the Ministry of Industry budget was being discussed. Stating that the location of the Test Center is an obstacle in front of the investment, Altaca Kayışoğlu said, “It is stated that the Test Center will be built in Yenişehir for three to four years. However, there is a place, then it is said that it is not. It is said that there is a new place and there is a problem. How will we implement these projects in a more realistic way ”he asked.



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