Waterway definition came to Kanal Istanbul

The definition of waterway came to Kanal Istanbul: Two bags of laws containing election promises came to Parliament. In one of the drafts, the definition of 'waterway' came for Kanal Istanbul, whose route was changed at the last minute. The sale of public real estate is prohibited along this road

Two bags of bill, which includes the last part of the promises and actions of the government until 21 March, were submitted to the Parliament. Among the haf crazy projects eler brought to the agenda by the AK Party in the 2011 elections, one of the designs included articles on the Channel Istanbul Project, which has been spoken for a long time and has changed its route in the past weeks.

Accordingly, the definition of arasında waterway Marmara is added to the Zoning Law for the Canal Istanbul Project planned to be constructed between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. In the draft, the waterway was defined as ar the water passage which was artificially created by the decision of the zoning plan and provided access by sea vehicles ve. Following the legalization of the bill, a zoning plan will be prepared for this project. According to the provisions of the Channel Istanbul Project, public immovable properties in areas indicated as başka waterways Kanal shall not be sold and shall not be used for other purposes.


The land and land belonging to the Treasury and private administration which hit the waterway to be built will not be sold by municipalities and special provincial administrations and will not be used for any other purpose. In order to reduce the cost of expropriation, other immovable properties, which are taken as zoning shares, can be given against the immovables in the Channel Istanbul route.


The vehicle owner is responsible for the defect

In the 26 article, provisions on compulsory traffic insurance were also included. Insurance companies will not be responsible for the defect of the owner of the insurance. Claims from the beneficiary's own defect rate will not concern the insurance company. For example, if the damage of 100 pounds, the insurer's fault is 40, the insurance company will cover the 60 pound of damage. The remaining amount will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner. The victim who is the victim of the accident will not be able to claim compensation from the insurance company except for the guarantees in the insurance policy.


Electricity to the illegal structure that accepts the transformation

Risky area, urban transformation and development areas of the illegal structures located in the designated areas, provided that they accept the urban transformation of electricity, water and natural gas will be temporarily connected. Temporary subscription period will not exceed 5 year. If the conversion and renewal applications are extended, the temporary subscription period will be extended not to exceed the 5 year. This provision will be applied in structures made before 1 November 2015 date.


Lease and revenue share will be postponed for 1 year

The measures taken to relieve the tourism sector, which has been negatively affected by the strained relations with Russia, will be implemented with the bag bill. Payments from the tourism facilities made on public land, rent and revenue shares will be postponed for 1 years. State 2017 3 3 years of these receivables will be paid in equal installments over the XNUMX years.



Other regulations in bag bill are as follows:

- Those who do not work in a job after finishing their studies will be deleted from the General Health Insurance (GSS) premium debts of those who are up to 25.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the Social Security Institution (SGK) in the audit, the organization will be allocated 2 bin 610 audit staff.

-65 age pension, even if they live next to their children, their monthly bonding will be considered only their own and their spouses' income. If the per capita income is less than one third of the minimum wage, it will be monthly.

Employers employing people who benefit from social assistance will be given 1 insurance contributions for years.

- The unions established by public employees, relatives of martyrs and veterans, will be able to provide up to 10 of cash assets.


- The training will be covered by compulsory education. 4 year apprenticeship training will be given in vocational high schools.

-Interns and apprentices will be paid between 15 and 30 of the minimum wage according to the size of the establishment.


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