Channel Istanbul, request to connect to Ambarlı

The port should be built on Kanal Istanbul: Hasan Büyükdede, a member of the Board of MÜSİAD, who addressed the Arnavutköy Municipality at the HASİAD congress, listed the demands of the industrialists. Grand father; Canal wanted the port, railway connection to be built in Istanbul and a treatment plant to Eşkinoz Creek.

Hasan Büyükdede, a member of the Board of Directors of MÜSİAD, who served as the Chairman of the Council at the congress of the Hadımköy Arnavutköy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (HASİAD), interpreted the feelings of the industrialist from Hadımköy. Listing the demands of industrialists to Arnavutköy Deputy Mayor Turgut Baran, who attended the congress, Büyükdede said, “Most of the HASİAD members own companies on a world scale. These industrialists contribute to the national economy by exporting products to many countries of Europe and the world; as well as providing employment with the investments they make. We have three requests from you. "Three projects to be implemented are very important in order for the products produced in Hadımköy Industrial Zone to reach the world markets more easily and with less cost."

Three demands are very important
Grand father; Establishment of a waste water collector with the joint project of Arnavutköy Municipality - İSKİ for the treatment of Eşkinoz Stream, which runs through the Hadımköy Industrial Zone, where approximately 600 factories are producing; In the area where Kanal Istanbul will be built, the construction of a 'canal port' in order to provide access to the port of Ambarlı so that the examiners can transport the products to the world markets by sea, and three or four loading ramps to the Railway Ömerli Tunnel area starting from Sirkeci, passing through the Hadımköy Industrial Zone and connecting to Europe via Thrace. demanded that it be done.

Let Canal Istanbul be a port
Stating that the ports to be built on Kanal Istanbul are very important, Büyükdede said, “Today, there are channels in many European countries. There are also ports on the canals. These countries make their trade through these channels and trade through railways. Why not make the products we produce by industrialists in these ways, like European states? Madem Kanal Istanbul project will be built in this region; A port and loading center can be built right next to our industrialists who produce in an area of ​​12 million square meters. The products can be transported by sea up to Ambarlı port. This project is a project of the Metropolitan Municipality, it is a project of Arnavutköy Municipality, it is a state project. Our region is a very suitable region for this job due to its structure. We hope that this project will be evaluated by the Arnavutköy Municipality ”.

Easier access to the world
Saying that three or four lines can be organized at the entrance of Hadımköy-Ömerli Tunnel and a railway loading area and ramps can be built here, Büyükdede said, “We had previously worked with the State Railways on this issue. We believe that it will come to life with a project to be established by Arnavutköy Municipality to create an area where the products produced here will be loaded over this railway, starting from Sirkeci and going from Hadımköy Industrial Zone - Ömerli to Europe. If these projects are implemented, both the cost increase of our industrialists will be prevented and the products we produce will reach the world markets much more easily ”.

We are ready to help you
Büyükdede said that the waste water collector is an important problem in Eşkinoz Stream passing through Hadımköy Industrial Zone; “As industrialists, we view these projects as 'package projects'. “If Arnavutköy Municipality approaches these projects positively, we are ready to help industrialists and to work together”.

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