İzmir Bay Crossing Project Will Join the Two Sides of İzmir

Izmir Bay Crossing Project will Unite Two Sides of Izmir: AK Party MKYK Member and İzmir Deputy Mahmut Atilla Kaya participated in the Agency Midday program that was broadcasted live in A Haber, and gave information about the Izmir Bay Crossing Project. Describing the final point regarding the "Izmir Gulf Crossing Project", one of the mega projects prepared by Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Kaya said, "Both project studies and studies have been completed. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process continues. In the evaluations in İzmir public opinion, the rate of support to the project reached 80 percent. Most of our citizens of Izmir have the view that the project will be very useful for our city.
With a compromise befitting İzmir, we have brought this project to our city by receiving the positive contributions of everyone and everyone. kazanwe want to climb. Our Minister, Binali Yıldırım, especially underlines that nothing will be done despite İzmir and the people of İzmir. Whenever İzmir wishes and says 'OK', the process will accelerate.”
Stating that the project, which will start at the 2nd Main Jet Üsttü Mevkii in Çiğli, will be provided to Üçkuyular and Narlıdere via the Izmir Bay, Kaya said, “The Izmir Gulf Crossing Project is currently increasing in the future along the Altınyol and Ring Road. The bottleneck and traffic jam will end. With the completion of the project, the traffic from the northern axis of İzmir will be accessed to the southern axis of the Izmir Bay before entering the city. When the project is completed, the journey time of 70 minutes will decrease to 10 minutes.
When the approximately 12 km long Gulf Crossing Project is completed, the distance will be shortened by 31 km compared to the 19 km long Coastal Road and 52 km compared to the 40 km long Ring Road. The project is foreseen as a 12 km highway and a 16 km rail system tram, in this context, it is proposed as a bridge on 4.2 km legs in the north (200 meters as a suspension bridge on the gulf scanning channel), 800 meters of artificial island and 1.8 km of immersed tube tunnel. A safer and more comfortable transportation will be provided and tourism activities will develop. He will contribute to the industrial and industrial development of the city. ”
Stating that the project will connect the two sides of İzmir with a tunnel system similar to Marmaray, the bay will be crossed with a bridge, Kaya emphasized that the visual richness of the bay will increase with the "Crescent-Star Artificial Island" and "Gulf Bridge". Reminding that the project is also described as "İzmir's Crazy Project" by some in the public, Kaya said, "Great works have been done to the country for 14 years. kazanWe went ahead and undersigned big investments. We all know that especially our Minister, Binali Yıldırım, is the architect of major projects that the world envy.
Today, 6,5 million vehicles have passed through the Konak Tunnel since the day it was opened. Since the day it opened, Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Terminal in Izmir has been used by 16 million passengers. The construction of the 3rd Bridge in Istanbul has been completed, and Marmaray is in service without any problems. The completion rate of the construction of the highway project, which will reduce the distance between Izmir and Istanbul to 3,5 hours, has exceeded 50 percent. These are big projects. Our Minister Binali Yıldırım brought a necklace to İzmir with this project. kazanwill yell.
The two sides of Izmir will be connected to each other. In the project, there is a tube tunnel similar to Marmaray and an artificial island with a crescent-star motif. Of course, İzmir is also a new tourism area. kazanit will be messy. In the past, Izmir was second right behind Istanbul. We need to move İzmir to the second place again. The number of those started or completed in 60 projects that we put forward for İzmir, with a cost of 35 billion TL, reached 25. 10 of them are in the project stage. When all of these projects are realized in 2023, we will encounter a completely different İzmir. Our fellow citizens of Izmir deserve the best and the most beautiful of everything.”

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  1. Do not be sorry, but Izmir does not need such an investment. Anyway, whether you come from Uşak, Manisa or Çanakkale direction, you can go uninterruptedly in front of Çeşme when you enter the ring road. In addition, there are two rail systems integrated at Halkapınar and Hilal stations to reach Aliağa today and Fahrettin Altay from Torbalı direction. In the future, it will reach Urla. Besides, if you do not want to go by the ring road. You can come to Bostanlı pier from the highway and come to Üçkuyu from there by ferry, and from there you can immediately go to Çeşme by taking the highway. The need of Izmir is a second airport that will be accessible by rail system with Manisa, Turgutlu and Akhisar in the north. Such an investment will save the north of Izmir from its stepchild position.