Iranians Who Take Advantage Of Nowruz Holiday Came To Palandöken

Iranians who know Nevruz Holiday came to Palandoken: Iranian tourists flocked to Palandoken Ski Center to celebrate the Nevruz, which is accepted as an official holiday in their country.

Despite the end of March in Palandöken, one of the world's leading ski resorts, the season was not closed. Besides holidaymakers, hundreds of Iranians came to Palandoken in groups. Tourists jumping over the fire in Palandoken due to the holiday of Iranian holiday, brought life to the hotels. Tourists are skiing on the tracks, where the snow thickness reaches about 1.5 meters during the day, and having fun in discotheques until the first lights of the day. Iranians skiing at night on illuminated tracks dance with music playing. Iranian tourists, who said that Palandoken, tracks and snow are very beautiful, said that it is very enjoyable to spend the Nevruz in Erzurum.

Noting that Iranians prefer Erzurum this year as every year, Palandöken Dedeman Hotels General Manager Mehmet Varol said:

“Our first group of 250 people logged in, they will continue to come until the end of this month. This year we lost our Russian tourists. But the Iranians started to replace them. The biggest feature of Erzurum at the moment is that it is the only skiing center in Europe. Our tracks are spectacular, snow thickness is 1.5 meters. Skiing will be available until April. We are completely full until the end of next week, we have no vacancy. ”

Hamit Çakcı, who has been bringing tourists to Erzurum for 9 years from Iran, emphasized that the demand for Palandöken has increased more and more every year and that the tourists are very satisfied.