HOOK 50 at the Cologne fair. celebrated

HOOK 50 at the Cologne fair. Celebrations: HOOK Hand Tools Inc., the world's largest and most respected ironmongery fairs, Cologne Eisenwarenmesse fair 20 has been participating in the year. KANCA is the oldest participant among Turkish companies.
Having a leading position in the "steel forged vise" product group in Europe, Kanca is able to serve its customers as closely and effectively as its European competitors with its office and warehouse in Hannover, Germany.
A few years ago, Hook was included in the, Europe's Secret Champions doğu in the selection of candidates from the 17 central and eastern European countries. In addition to being the market leader in Europe in this selection, Kanca has become a market leader in the woven knitting sector.
Considering the products it manufactures on its own brand or customer basis, 5.000 sells hook products throughout Europe. KANCA is now the most well-known and recognized Turkish brand in its sector in Europe.
Turkey's highest exporter of hand tools on hooks that position in its product group, 500 5 with employees in different continents, countries and exports to 50.
which it has many firsts in the industry and Turkey's first manufacturer of hand tools, hooks fair in Cologne this year 50. celebrated its year with its customers.
20 KANCA 100 where more than 50 customers from different countries participated. on the night of the establishment celebration; Alper KANCA;
“One of every three vices sold in European countries belongs to us. Even our competitors sell our products with their own labels.
Maybe it's not a huge market, but being the largest producer and seller in Europe at least in one product group makes us proud. "
expressed their feelings in the form.
Mr. Kleine, purchasing manager of EDE, one of the largest hand tools distribution companies in Europe, who spoke at the celebration ceremony;
“20 years ago, we had a hard time preferring a Turkish industrial product to 100-year-old European brands. We presented KANCA products to our Members with a bit of anxiety. However, Kanca products have so far been better than their German or French competitors in terms of both quality and service. It surprised us. We are very satisfied with our cooperation. " said
KANCA has represented 20 years in a powerful country in the Hand Tools industry such as Italy,
Milan lu Com. Mr. Korradini, Chairman of the Board of Directors;
Şirketi Kanca is a full family business in terms of its proximity, flexibility and ability to offer solutions to its customers. We are also part of this family in Italy. It is not possible ”those who think, now they especially demand the HOOK clamps. Kün
Visitors from all over the world have had the opportunity to review Kanca's new products with pleasure and received information. At the same time, the celebration program, which offers examples from Turkish cuisine and Turkish folk dances, was highly appreciated by the customers.
General Manager of Hook Mr. Alper Kanca, 50. They cut the year cake together with Mr. Rıdvan Mertöz, President of IDDMIB and Mr.Mustafa Hilmi Aşkın, Commercial Attaché of Düsseldorf.



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