Refugees Shut Down Railway at Greek-Macedonian Border

Refugees Shut Down the Greek-Macedonian Border Rail: Tired of waiting on the Greek-Macedonian border, refugees closed the railway linking the two countries.
Tired of waiting on the Greek-Macedonian border, the refugees closed the railway connecting the two countries. The refugee from every age group has established a tent on the railroad.
On the Greek-Macedonian border, more than a thousand refugees, 10, continued to re-open the railway a week later. Refugees who blocked the passage of dry cargo trains between the two countries tried to make their voices heard by shouting slogans for a long time. It was seen that refugees, including women, cried.
"Help us!", "President of Macedonia help us!", "Merkel help us!" and "We are human!" Refugees who wrote a message tried to make their voices heard.
When the Greek police took precautions, there was no tension. Refugees are expected to have a bigger demonstration and demonstration tomorrow.
Macedonian police intervened violently in the past few days, among refugees who destroyed the wire mesh built by Macedonia.
The European Commission, meanwhile, reminded that Macedonia has taken responsibility for political co-operation in the refugee crisis, although it is not an EU member. It was noted that Skopje was responsible for international law, not against EU laws and laws.

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