Florya Train Station

Florya Train Station will be in place: Renewed within the scope of Marmaray, the story of the snake is returned to Gebze.Halkalı Floryans' struggle against displacement of Florya Station located on the suburban train line against Aqua Florya AVM was changed.
The General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports (DLH) sent a message to the Şenlikköy Headman Office and stated that Florya Station would remain in place and Aqua Florya AVM will be held one more stop.
Florya Station, struggling to keep the old place and the signature campaign, which started Florya Atatürk Forest Protection and Solidarity Association (floder) Chairman Taner uncle, stating that the results of the just struggle, "before our floder Board of Directors of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly AKP Group President to visit our residents of Florya Station for reasons. We have started a petition campaign to keep our station in place. We also visited the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council CHP Group President and CHP Provincial Chairman Cemal Canpolat and asked for their support. In other words, we talked with everyone in order not to be victimized without the distinction of power-opposition to prevent our station from moving. We explained why Florya Train Station should not be moved. We met with the General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports and demanded our station to remain in place. As a result, this fair struggle of the Florians gave results. Railways, Ports and Airports General Directorate, sent to our Headman Şenlikköy Florya Train Station will remain in place, '' he said.
Will remain the Existing site Florya Train Station is also Aqua Florya Mall opposite, stating that a station would be more done uncle, the station which will be held against Aqua Florya Mall unnecessary and said it would be a station to be received for rent, also said that continued the signature campaign.
Taner Dayı also thanked some civil society organizations and citizens who supported them in the work of FLODER.
Meanwhile, Şenlikköy Muhtar Mümin Savaş Göktaş also expressed his gratitude on behalf of the citizens for keeping the train station in the present place and thanked everyone who contributed to this issue.




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