Fear of terror in public transport

Fear of terror in public transport: After the Ankara explosion, an atmosphere of fear spread people. The decrease in the number of passengers of public transportation vehicles such as metro metrobus compared to other days is seen as a sign of fear. Experts say, "We can't stay home."
The previous day, one of the traffic crises in Istanbul was more difficult. Citizens from Sabiha Gokce to the European side of the 4.5 hour were also arriving. Vehicles are on the way.
As Istanbulites, you are accustomed to traffic, but this time our attention was that the public transportation vehicles in the traffic were empty. This brought the possibility of directing the bloody terror attack in Ankara at the Güvenpark bus stop on Sunday to those who prefer public transport.
IETT did not receive any information about the decrease in the number of passengers per day, but left a question mark in our minds. We talked to the citizens and security guards using the İETT and metro in Taksim, one of the busiest places in Istanbul. We've seen the uneasiness of the explosion really felt.
Taksim bus stops were the most intense of 18.00-19.00 hours. We asked passengers to stop at the stops filled with vigilant citizens. Passengers who say that people prefer their vehicles with the effect of the explosion, they said, f If we had a vehicle, we would not prefer public transportation Pat.
We talked to security guards at the 18.30 on the Taksim subway. We observed the metro at the busiest hour for 40 minutes. We listened to the perturbations of the passengers.
The common point of IETT and subway users was that they used public transportation because they were afraid but had no vehicles. We saw that the security guards did not make eyes of the suspects. Officers said they increased security measures and expanded calls.
When I see someone riding a big suitcase and I don't trust his appearance, I change the wagon.
- I'm walking away with the black bag.
- I am worried about the weak and the belly of what is out of the worries of security.
Avoid eye contact
- They're busy and they're tight on them.
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Sociologist Korkmaz Sural YESODER Chairman of the Board: Unity and togetherness
These actions carried out towards unity and togetherness in our society affect our lives socially and psychologically, but this is the key to unity and cooperation.
Citizens' use of public transportation means that many areas of our lives are affected, especially in Istanbul. We need to consider socially positive choices and act with unity and common sense of reason. This should not be forgotten.
The Psychologist of Traffic Dr. Yeşim Yasak: Authorities should be reassuring
These are normal reactions but a trauma. It's out of traffic psychology. Em I'm too scared, orum he says to his teacher. We're talking about a different anxiety. The fear that people prefer cars is fear. There's a lot of work going on. We don't hear anything reassuring.
We can formulate our behaviors as passengers and drivers if we can get information about the traffic regulation. But now we have no idea how to take security measures.
Most importantly, the authorities; safety, internal public information should provide information, where they provide protection, the citizen will tell you how to protect, reassuring talk. Must be morale. The rulers are also in trouble. They should be guided. Should they seek counseling if necessary?
Ebru Yazıcı: Clinical Psychologist
It's a reaction to this concern in humans. Because there is a concrete situation that will create fear. This reality does not happen with the fear of finding us all at any moment. Isolated and closing is not the solution.
Avoiding crowded places may be our own individual precaution, but at this stage, the authorities need to speak reassuring and informative. Only those who manage social relaxation can. By informing the public, relieving their concerns, explaining security measures and eliminating their concerns…?
'As the waiting capacity in the stations increases, the number of people who suffer damage increases'
Evaluating the security and intelligence discussions in city centers after the bloody attack in Ankara, Atılım University Department of Political Science and Public Administration Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Savaş Zafer Şahin said, “In case of confrontation, the deficiency in the design, arrangement and security measures taken in our city centers and public spaces has a big share.
“… Public spaces were opened to transit traffic with an automobile-oriented transportation approach. Side by side, public transportation stops without any design and security measures, waiting areas used above their capacity unfortunately cause the number of people damaged in terrorist incidents to increase. A design is a must, '' he said.

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