Eurostar cancels all trains to Brussels

Eurostar has canceled all trains to Brussels: Europe has been on alert after consecutive attacks in the Belgian capital Brussels. In many countries, the crisis table was formed while the government in France and the UK convened extraordinarily and discussed the measures to be taken against possible attacks. After the attacks in Brussels, security measures were increased in many European airports, metro, railway stations and borders. All EU institutions in Brussels and NATO's alarm level have been upgraded to orange.
After the successive explosions at the airport and subway station in Brussels, Belgium, the security measures at the airports and borders in the other European countries were maximized. The Belgian broadcaster RTBF announced the closure of the French border after the attacks in Brussels.
After the explosions, Paris, London and Brussels between the Eurostar, Brussels has canceled all trains. The Gare du Nord (Paris) was evacuated by trains from Belgium and the Netherlands. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, after the attacks in Brussels in addition to a thousand 600 police and gendarmes will be placed in critical areas announced.
NATO also increased security in its headquarters in Brussels. The alarm level in all EU institutions in Brussels has been raised to orange. Israel canceled all flights to Europe. After the explosions in Brussels, the security level at other airports, including Frankfurt Airport, one of the largest transit airports in the world, was increased.
At the Berlin-Tegel Airport, the iye visitor terrace lar was closed, while the number of policemen increased and police officers patrolled long-barreled weapons. Train connections between Germany and Brussels were stopped. Security measures were increased at the German-Belgian border, and airports and railway stations were reportedly tightened. Flights between London and Brussels were announced as stopping high-speed trains.
The Dutch army also took action. Security measures taken at airports and borders were increased. After the explosions in Brussels, security measures were increased in the airports and subways of Austria and the Czech Republic. Vienna International Airport SözcüPeter Kleemann announced that additional police controls came into play after the explosions in Brussels.
Kleemann, who explained that they are in close cooperation with the local police and security authorities, said that all flights between Vienna and Brussels have been canceled and that an airplane taking off after the explosion news was returned. In the Czech Republic, security measures were increased in airports and subways of Prague, Brno, Pardubice and Karlovy Vary. Police SözcüSu Katerina Rendlova reported that police forces were reinforced at the airports and that detecting controls were started. The Spanish Foreign Ministry also announced the creation of a crisis desk in the embassy and consulate buildings in Brussels. Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Greek Cypriot administration increased its ın alarm level Brüksel. Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter says he has ordered Prime Minister Viktor Orban to raise the terror alarm to 2 after the attacks in Brussels. Pinter, within the framework of the measures taken in the capital city of Budapest, the armored vehicles are shipped, in front of the parliament building and metro stations will work in the counter-terrorism teams said.
A crisis desk was also created in France. Security was tightened at the airport in Paris. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Defense Minister Jean Yves le Drian, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve met with President Francois Hollande at the Elysee Palace to discuss the events in Brussels and the measures to be taken.
After the French President Hollande, British Prime Minister Cameron also called for an extraordinary meeting of the COBRA group, including security officials. . I was shocked by the events in Brussels. We are ready to do everything we can to help, Yardım he said. The British Foreign Ministry advised its citizens in Brussels to stay away from crowded places and public transport. The British police announced that security measures were increased at key points throughout the United Kingdom following the attacks in Brussels.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in a written statement, expressed deep sorrow in the attacks in Brussels. The NATO Secretary General said,. This is a cowardly offensive against our values ​​and our society. Terrorism will not be able to defeat democracy and take away our freedoms. Terör Stoltenberg noted that the alarm level was raised at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels and said that they would continue to stay alert and follow the situation very closely.

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