The State Claims Damage from Wagon Sales

Selling cars from the loss suffered by the State Claims: Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), reportedly continued their dedicated efforts of all employees.
In the written statement made by TÜVASAŞ, it was stated that the file was transferred to the Sakarya Chief Public Prosecutor's Office after the company was determined by the inspector and expert reports that the public damage occurred due to the tender and contract made with the Bulgarian Railways Company in 2010.
It was not possible to give information about the content of the investigations due to the transfer of the files to the judiciary, and in the highlighted statement that the investigation result was expected, the following were recorded:
“As of 12 March 2016, no operations were carried out in our company within the scope of the investigation file, as it was in some media organs, and there was no seizure of documents as alleged. In our company, the production of 124 DMU sets under the Diesel Train Set (DMU) Project for the General Directorate of TCDD Operations continues, and the Electric Train Set (EMU) Project, which will be produced within the scope of the National Train Project for the TCDD Operation General Directorate, continues. We present to the public information that our company, which is an important institution for the Sakarya economy, continues to work devotedly with all its employees within the scope of these two important projects. ”

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