Removing Çukurova Express from the expedition

Çukurova Express is removed from the expedition: TCDD Ankara-Kayseri, Adana-Ulukışla between the work due to the 15 February 2016 Date Adana-Kayseri-Adana Expedition Erciyes Express 31 December 2016 removed from the expedition until the date. Now 20 May will remove the voyage of Çukurova Express from Adana to Ankara for the same reason since May 2016. The Erciyes statement will be re-launched on 20 May, but will be as follows

Adana-Kayseri Erciyes Express Kayseri-Adana Break will be the Çukurova Express. The train going to Erciyes will return as night Cukurova express.

Erciyes Adana departure: 16: 45 Arrival: 22: 33
Çukurova Kayseri departure: 02: 16 Arrival: 07: 28

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:39

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  1. When the road works are finished It will be very nice to take this train as the 19 may blue train with the name of Samsun and Sivas kayseri Niğde adana line.

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