Aircraft and Train Library for Kids

Aircraft and Train Library for Children: Çankırı Municipality has transformed two wagons and a locomotive, which were shredded with an Airbus A 300 type aircraft, which has completed its flight life, into a library to give children the habit of reading books.

The interior of the passenger plane, which was brought to Çankırı from Istanbul a few years ago with 5 trucks in pieces and converted into a library, was decorated so that children could use it comfortably. The library, which will meet all kinds of needs of children in this sense, will be opened in a few months.

Çankırı Municipality also rented a locomotive and two wagons scrapped by TCDD to turn them into a library. In TCDD's maintenance workshop in Çankırı, the wagons were redesigned in accordance with the library. The opening of the train library will be held during the Library Week we are in.

In libraries, there will also be cafeterias for parents to wait for their children.

The train library prepared within the scope of the project was placed at the Station Junction and the aircraft library was placed next to the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park.

Mayor İrfan Dinç stated in his statement that they attach great importance to the education of children.

Stating that they make reading books attractive for children, Dinç said, “We attach great importance to our children being well-educated, developed individuals and equipped. This happens by reading. "We are building a library in order to make reading books attractive for them and gain reading habit."

  • "There is a plane in the province without an airport"

Providing information about the latest status of the libraries, Dinç said:

“We thought of 3 themed libraries. These are our aircraft, train and ship-themed library. Preparations continue for the construction of our ship library. We finished our aircraft library, we are doing landscaping. We will open it in a few months. We have completely finished our train library. We made the landscaping. I hope we open our train library to the service of our pups in a few days. "

Stating that he thinks that the children will be affected by the train, plane and ship library, Dinç said, "Our children will be introduced to books in many different environments and will increase their equipment by reading books."

Hatice Kaya, a teacher of the Güneş Elementary School, said that they had come with their students to visit the train library which will be opened in a few days.

Noting that he and his students loved the project very much, Kaya said, “It is also very nice that the train library is in the center. "We can immediately take the children and bring them to the library."

Stating that he cares about the project as an educator, Kaya said, “I think it is very important for children to gain the habit of reading books. There are all kinds of books inside. Children can come here with their families and have a great time, ”he said.

Sun Primary School 3. Grade 80 student Mehmet Onur said he rode the train for the first time.

Stating that it is a very original idea, Kale said, “I liked this place very much. There are a lot of books. I want to read them all. It was a beautiful place. I recommend to our friends. I will invite my friends who do not like to read books here, I think they will start to like reading books here. I will come here often, ”he said.

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