Camera period in public transportation in Antalya

Camera period in public transportation in Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel announced that all public transportation vehicles in Antalya will be controlled by camera. Stating that the system established for the public security was put into operation, Türel said, “If there was a camera system in the public transportation vehicle in Mersin, our brother Özgecan would be among us today”. Reminding that they planted 2004 million trees between 2009-1, Türel said that their target in the new period is 10 million trees.
Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel continues to meet with students by visiting high schools. Mayor Türel, who came together with the students at TED College, sohbet answered the questions one by one.
Providing advice to students, Türel said, “You must have ideals and dreams. Don't be afraid to dream. I'm still dreaming. Many of our projects related to Antalya were projects that were expressed as dreams. We have realized some of them, we are realizing some of them. "No dream is too far to reach," he said.
Stating that the most important condition of achieving dreams is to work and plan the time correctly, President Türel stated that the formula of success is doing his job with pleasure.
Expressing that they attach great importance to green and the environment, Türel said, “For example, we did not cut down any of the trees on the tram line, we removed them. And we planted these uprooted trees in the Expo area, you can see all of these uprooted trees there. I am someone who has great sensitivity in cutting trees. I planted 2004 million trees in Antalya in the first period of 2009-1. In this period, my goal is to plant 10 million trees ”.
President Turel, stating that the mayor established the first solar power plant in Turkey, "I'm proud of that. Our solar power plant will be finished in 3 months, ”he said.
Antalya, Turkey is a window on the world and Turel who are working with the responsibility for it, he told the students their projects. President Menderes Türel gave the following information about the projects:
“Our Boğaçayı Project is truly a world project. We are now coming to an end in the project that will bring a new 40 km beach to Antalya. This year, we are planning to make the tender and complete the 1st phase within a few years. We have a Cruise Port Project. It will be such a port that it will be a preferred port for tourists not only to get on and off by ship, but also to see the Antalya Cruise Port. Apart from that, the 18-kilometer Meydan-Aksu Rail System 2nd stage ends by April 23. We will start the 23-kilometer 3rd Stage Rail System Project this year. Our Konyaaltı Beach Project is extremely important. In Konyaaltı, we will pedestrian the coastal road where large trucks and trucks pass by, by clearing it from vehicle traffic. We are taking a step to ensure that the residents of Antalya can benefit from the beach in the best possible way. We will start the construction after this summer passes and complete this project until the next summer season of 2017. "
President Türel made a statement on a question regarding the expiration of paid boarding passes on Antalya Card:
“If the modern countries of the world use the card system, we have to use it, too. We are now removing paid boarding. However, if you do not have a card and are on the bus or if you are a foreigner, you can pay the public transportation price with credit cards. When you have your credit card scanned by the validator, it charges the public transportation price from your credit card. If you do not have a credit card, the tickets we call disposal are at the drivers. You can fill these cards as much as you want. Use the name, not himself. We currently have over 130 card filling centers in Antalya. We will increase these more and more. "
Stating that the most important issue in the smart card system is the tracking of vehicles with a camera system, Türel said, “Thanks to this card system, we put cameras on all vehicles. It is very important for safety. If there was a public transportation with camera system in Mersin, our brother Özgecan was with us today. This is for your safety, ”he said.
When a student asked that there were rumors that the rail system line between Lights and Museum would be removed and asked whether this was real, President Türel said, “These sensations surprise me. Leave the rail system in Işıklar, we renew the vehicles there, and extend that line to the Education Research Hospital and connect it to the 3rd Stage Rail System. When you get on from Işıklar, you can go to Aksu and the airport, the Faculty of Medicine and the bus station if you want ”.

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