Rail System Line Between BHRS University Station - Görükle

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality BHRS University Station - Gorukle Rail System Line Project Preliminary selection applications for the final project, transportation and feasibility study and preparation of technical specifications were collected.
The preliminary selection applications of the Tender Branch Directorate of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department, 2015/182277 KİK numbered BHRS University Station - Görgülü Rail System Line Final Projects Transportation and Feasibility Study and Technical Channels Preparation were held on 15 March 2016.
The companies that applied for pre-selection were determined as follows:
l. Obermeyer Planen Beıaten GmbH - Optim Obemıayer
2. Prota Engineering
3. Engineering
4. RPA Srl
5. Su-Yapı Mühendislik - KMG Project
6. Tekfen Engineering - Geoconsult Zt Gmbh
7. Yüksel Project



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