Batman residents want the railway route to change

People of Batman want the railway route to be changed: The businessman from Batman, who wants to change the route of the railways passing through Batman city center, demanded that the authorities find a solution to this problem.

Batman philanthropist and businessman Tacettin H. Yilmaz, Batman's city center from the State Railways (TCDD), for example, Turkey is not in any other province and that needs to change this path.

Emphasizing that the railroad image in the city center is not suitable for a modern city and exhibits a primitive image, Yılmaz said, man I have been living in İskenderun for a long time despite the fact that I do not have Batman and I also invest in Batman. The appearance of the railways disturbed me since I had relatives and friends in Batman, because I belonged to this land and there was emotional dependence against Batman. Bat

Expressing that he wanted my fellow citizens of Batman to live more prosperous, Yılmaz said, “Because of the dam, a new higher bridge is being built on the Batman Zilek Stream instead of the old State Railways bridge. The new bridge built is being replaced by a more convenient route than the old state railway. The changed new route has been a good opportunity for Batman. However, I call out to the authorities to change the route of the railways that cause a few casualties in the city every year. This problem needs to be resolved urgently. Although I visit many cities in Turkey where you found I never saw so many level crossings with another. My request; rolling the railways in the city center; In our growing, developing and modernizing Batman, after the railways are shifted out of the city, opening the railways route to traffic will also breathe and relieve the traffic problem. " used the expressions.

Finally, calling on the authorities, Yilmaz, the effective and competent who should put his hand under the stone, stating that; Baş I would like to express my gratitude to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister, Minister of Transport, Deputies, Governor and Mayor for their good work. I ask everyone to be our voice, our desire and our request. Herkes



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