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Antalya public transport charges Antalya public transportation charges, the 24 is March from March. The full fee is 2.10 TL, the student is 1.35 TL, the retired / teacher discount fee is 1.50 TL.
During the meeting of the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) on March 18, 2016, requests for new tariffs for public transport rooms, cooperatives and company managers were discussed. It is stated that it is obligatory to update the public transport price tariff since 2013, since 72 percent increase in other expenditure items and 35 percent increase in PPI / CPI ratio, “The new price tariff to be applied as of March 24 in accordance with the decision of the UKOME General Assembly. It was determined as follows: The full fee was 2.10 TL, the student was 1.35 TL and the retired / teacher discount fee was 1.50 TL. The statement said:
“For the short-term round trips of our citizens, the second and third boardings were also made available at a discount. In this context, even if the second boarding in 1 hour is made even for the return of the same line, it is determined as 1 TL for the first hour, and the third boarding in 2 hours is again 3 TL. No price increase has been made on Fatih- Meydan Light Rail System line, and the price tariff of the nostalgic tram has been equalized with the light rail system price tariff. ”
In Alanya, it was stated that a new price schedule was determined in line with the decision of the UKOME General Assembly upon the request of the chairmen of the public transport chambers and cooperatives. Full fee is determined as 15 TL, student 1,75 TL, retired / teacher 1,00 TL. Cash boardings and contactless credit card applications are determined as 1.50 TL in Alanya district ”.

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