Priority of Agencies Olympos Teleferik

Olympos Teleferik
Olympos Teleferik

Priorities of the Agency Olympos Cableway: Nowruz Day, Iranian tourists to Turkey that turns its route because of the excitement of meeting Tahtalidag snow in the summit in Kemer. Hayos Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olympos Teleferik; “Iranian tourists have been moral to our region at the time when we have great difficulties,” he said. Nowruz Day, Iranian tourists to Turkey that turns its route because they enjoy the holiday in Kemer. While Iranian tourists have the opportunity to visit and see many alternative tourism spots in the region, Olympos Teleferik ranks first.

Olympos Teleferik with 2365 meters at the summit of snow-covered Iranian tourists in the landscape they see plenty of pictures taken, the excitement of meeting with the snow lived. Olympos Teleferik'e prioritize a large number of agency programs, Iranian tourists are very satisfied with this program.


Olympos Teleferik General Manager Haydar Gümrükçü, yıl Although we have a difficult year, we continue our work. Iranian tourists have become morale in our region. We are very pleased with the intense interest and mobility. Yoğun

Expressing that they have increased the interest with the combination of jeep safari and ropeway Customsçü,, Within the scope of many different programs Olympos Teleferik with a new alternative to tourists to the summit was added. Our jeep safari and ropeway combination, one of our new programs, gives our guests the opportunity to get to know the region better. With these tours, our guests both live in nature and are doing a summit with the cable car Bu.



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