We will try to offer the ropeway service to the other neighborhoods of Ankara

We will try to offer the ropeway service to the other neighborhoods of our Ankara: The Yenimahalle-Şentepe Teleferik line of the 3,2 kilometer constructed by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is an example with many.

Turkey's public transport for the lines in the first cable car PREVIEW order to examine indicating that many provincial officials came to Ankara Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Manager Balamir Gundogdu, said such services have been requested technical support to be granted in their provinces.


EGO General Directorate of newly appointed Gundogdu, Turkey's public transportation for the first ski lift in Yenimahalle-Şentepe Line bulunarak investigation, received information about the work of the staff.

From the Yenimahalle Metro Station to the Shentepe Antennas Area, free of charge, all the capitalists can benefit from the free-of-charge cable car service. Gündoğdu said that the average daily 25 has been moved by a thousand people.

General Manager Gündoğdu said, Genel We intend to continue this service in other parts of Ankara. We have instructions given to us by our Mayor Mr. Melih Gokcek. We are working with our Rail Services Department and our other team in order to present this service to other districts of Ankara Ray.


Balamir Gündoğdu said that they had the opportunity to travel with a magnificent view of Ankara on the cable car line, which runs between the 69 mast and the 19 meter with the highest length.

T The first stage of our cable car line where the 10 cabin of 108 people work, is the 1400 meter and the second stage is the 1820 meter. Through the line consisting of 4 stations, the cabinets are moving at a speed of 6 meter / second and this can be slowed down if desired. With the cable car cabins running in a coordinated manner and running in an average of 15 minutes from Yenimahalle to Şentepe, the citizens get access to both the possibility of transportation and a magnificent Ankara tour. Metro


EGO General Manager Gundogdu noted that there are visitors who come from outside the city and even ride on the cable cars. Oğ All of our citizens who benefit from this service do not harm our ropeways. They even try to open the door, break the windows, write articles, or even open the doors and throw things down. We detect such incidents through our security colleagues and apply the necessary criminal proceedings güvenlik.

Gündoğdu said that the camera system had been found in every cabin for safety reasons and these cameras were monitored from the control center. Ğ This is a public service and it is free. We want everyone to benefit from this public service without any harm. Zarar


"Currently Turkey's other provinces of our present system we examine many officials are coming" was Balamir Gundogdu Continuing the description with the words, "including Van, Malatya, how we do this system in many provinces where the Dardanelles is well located and comes from authorities seeking information that we operate. Upon request, we send our authorized friends, technical support. There is a great demand in this regard, Bu he said.

Gündoğdu said that in case of any power outage, the 8 watch system has a generator system which can provide uninterrupted service and two emergency driving engines are activated.

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