Skiing as a development project

Skiing as a development project: Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Hüseyin Pehlivan, Turkey 12-year development plan in the framework of the objectives of the federation said that to become a country you can ski in international standards.

Pehlivan visited Artvin Governor Kemal Cirit in his office with the accompanying delegation and gave information about the "Ski as a Development Model" project implemented by his federation.

Wrestler indicating that there are 20 ski resort in Turkey, "as we prepare reports examining Ski Federation over the ski centers in our province. We visit governors and mayors and exchange ideas on the problems of ski resorts and solutions. Our aim is to announce to the whole world that our country exists in ski sport by eliminating the deficiencies in ski centers and making them more modern and useful. " he spoke.

Pehlivan, as a country in the form of skiing in Austria expressed themselves as an example, said:

“We want to develop with skiing, which is a winter sport. With the work of the Austrian government and the European Union in the Alps, Austria generates about 70 billion euros annually from winter tourism. In other words, a ski resort in any village in Austria is worth all ski facilities in our country. We are far behind as a country in terms of ski center. As a country, we can overcome this and catch this ski technology. We held a workshop on ski development, winter tourism, plateau tourism and health tourism with the participation of our President, Prime Minister, ministers and the deputies of 48 provinces where skiing is possible. We want to implement these projects within the 12-year development plan. Federation within the framework of 12-year development plan, our goal is to make Turkey a country you can ski in international standards. "

Stating that he cannot say that there are ski centers in their provinces but that they are working at full capacity, Governor Cirit said, “We have a lot of work to be done in the ski center. Skiing is a costly sport. We know the demands of ski lovers who come to the ski center that they want to see luxury facilities. In this sense, I believe that the projects and plans prepared by the Ski Federation will contribute to the development of Atabarı Ski Center. " he spoke.

Pointing out that Atabarı Ski Center welcomes thousands of ski lovers on weekends, Cirit said, “We continue our efforts to ensure that our province can get the share it deserves from winter sports at the tourism point. We think that we can turn our ski center into an attraction center with the valuable contributions of the Federation. " used the expression.

At the end of the visit, Pehlivan presented a plaque representing the Ski Federation to the Governor Cirit in memory of the day.


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