Konya-Aksehir Railroad Buses Ended

Konya-Akşehir Raybüs Expeditions Ended: Raybüs expeditions, which connect Sarayönü with Konya, Kadınhanı, Ilgın and Akşehir, have ended. In the festive atmosphere, Raybus, which started its flights with double ceremonies, was removed quietly. In Raybüs, where the citizens did not show interest due to the expedition hours and prices, it was a question of why different applications that could increase the demand were not made.
Launched as a very large service in transportation, the Konya-Akşehir Raybüs project resulted in disappointment. Raybüs flights, which did not provide the service that the citizens expected, due to their departure times and fees, received little attention. It was learned that TCDD was seriously damaged by Raybüs who went empty. Raybus, which was removed quietly about a month ago, took its place in the dump of the projects. It was learned that the Raybus project, which could last only five months, was removed due to the damage of TCDD.
The citizens, who greeted the start of the railroad flights with great enthusiasm and showed great interest in the ceremony held on the first day of travel, were initially disappointed about the price. In the period when the minibus from Sarayönü carried passengers for a fee of 5 lira, Raybüs's statement that it would carry passengers for 10 lira75 kurus, which is more than twice the minibus price, was subject to criticism of the citizens. In addition to this, Raybus services, which are determined to be compatible with high speed train services, are another reason not to be preferred because they do not comply with the working hours. Different price trials were applied in Raybus, which went blank for a certain period of time. Raybus, which fell to 6 lira and 75 kurus for a period, was still not demanded due to the bad impression it initially awakened and the inappropriateness of expedition times. In order to increase the demand for Raybüs, TCDD Regional Directorate had a plan to run the flights to Afyon Gazlıgöl. According to the allegations, it was suggested that Mustafa Baloğlu, a deputy of Konya, who was from Akşehir, opposed this planning because the name of Raybüs expedition, which served under the name of Akşehir-Konya expedition, would turn into the Afyon-Konya expedition. On the other hand, TCDD General Directorate, which is claimed to have damaged 1 million 500 thousand liras, has permanently removed Raybüs flights without trying the Afyon plan.
Raybüs expeditions, the project will start when different politicians who embraced the project, in terms of the expiration of the expiration of the silent fog drew attention. On the good day politicians could not share the Raybüs, the bad day without leaving the project took place in the dump.
The biggest reason why Raybüs was not used was the question of why it was hurriedly removed without going to different applications. The officials, who knew that Raybüs would be much more popular if the trips were adapted according to their working hours, were among the questions that should be answered why there are so many high-speed train passengers, however, insist on the current departure times. While Raybüs should be optimized for the use of citizens under normal conditions, it is a matter of criticism to apply the departure times and fees, regardless of the needs of the citizens, as the authorities deem appropriate.

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