High speed train will come to Trabzon, not high speed train

To Trabzon: The AK Party Trabzon Provincial Chairman Haydar Revi met with the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım.

Revi explained all the projects about highways in Trabzon personally and made demands.

Ak Party Trabzon Provincial Chairman Haydar Revi, Ankara, making a number of visits to the competent authorities for the projects that are important for Trabzon. One of these meetings took place with Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim. Revi said, ile We met with our Minister Binali Yıldırım. This meeting was accompanied by MPs, Metropolitan Mayor and Governor. Our meeting started at 11: 00 and ended at 14: 00. It's been a long conversation. On behalf of our city, we have put all our highways projects on the table. All the projects planned and being done in our 885 kilometer road network were discussed. The first project we discussed was Kanuni Boulevard. There is an allowance increase of 20 per cent on Magnificent Boulevard. Secondly, we laid the intersections that we consider important. Kaşüstü, Değirmendere, Karşıyaka-We have discussed all the intersections between Uğurlu, Akçaabat-Düzköy and most of these intersections during the tender stage. We told the Minister personally the problems and what we wanted to do. We have evaluated each of these projects separately and expropriation has come to the fore. ”

South Linked Ways

. All of these projects were on our agenda, and the projects we promised to the citizen were talked about one by one,. Said President Revi. In the West, we evaluated the connection paths of Tonya, İskenderli, Beşikdüzü, Düzköy, Şalpazarı. In the meantime, a separate meeting will be held for Green Road. We talked about the Salmankas Tunnel, the Zigana Tunnel, and the Erzincan-Trabzon Railway. When we evaluate the railway, it is a long-term project and a project with high cost. There will be a train at normal speed, not at high speed. We have discussed the road connections that will open Trabzon to the South. Looking at the map we see in Turkey railway Trabzon-Erzincan railway possible. It was a positive meeting because of the fact that Minister Bey is a well-known region. Bakan

Evaluating Alternatives and Discussing Costs

Revi concluded his remarks by commenting on the airport: açık There are several alternatives for the airport. Feasibility studies will continue. On this issue, the costs are discussed first, the second runway over the costs or a second airport will be decided to do it. On the one hand, the work on improving the existing airport continues. This year there is a serious investment, foreign lines are renewed and maintenance is carried out. Last time we evaluated alternatives with Minister Bey and gave information about costs. We also talked about the Akyazı Stadium and the hospital planned to be held next to it. There are examples of hospitals around the world. The road network is considered to prevent traffic congestion if the hospital is there. The construction of a city hospital will not affect the traffic. Şehir

One of the most talked about in the meeting was the Zigana Tunnel. Also working in Maçka connection. Works from Maçka to the entrance of the tunnel continue. The work on the exit of the tunnel continues. Of course, the aim is to connect this route to Erzincan. Read more. We also talked about the railway in Erzincan Trabzon. This is a longer term project. A high cost project. High speed not too fast train. But the highway connection that will open Trabzon to the south was put on the table. We talked about the railroad. Currently there already we can see the way we look at the road map Trabzon Erzincan in Turkey. But a long-term project, of course. The Minister is also a well-known region. There are two important tunnels in Erzincan Trabzon connection.

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  1. The basis of Trabzon's transportation problem lies in the long and uncomfortable road and the absence of sea and railway transportation. Erzincan-Kelkit-Gümüşhane-Trabzon-Rize high-speed rail road, and the normal train route from Gümüşhane to Bayburt and Erzurum will be opened to Trabzon and Rize both in the South and West. For Istanbul, the use of the seaway with large ferry-type ships with a speed of 50 knots will open the doors of both a short and comfortable sea travel. When these happen, the load of the airport will decrease and additional investment will not be required.